Reflections at Villa Kalewes

valerieLast Friday, Kolektif 509 hosted the opening night of Reflections at Villa Kalewes and ManManPemba was there to take it all in. The exhibit featured artists such as Valerie Noisette, Martine Brisson, Zaka, Xavier Delatour, and more. Villa Kalewes, a house that by itself already embodies culture and history, was the perfect venue for one of the most talked-about art exhibit in town.

It was the perfect night for art lovers in Haiti to not only view great art pieces but also meet some of the most talented artists Haiti has to offer. The diversity was palpable. Every room in the charming old house was filled with an interesting mixture of photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and of course music. The artists were present and more than ready to talk about their pride and joy. Lilika Papagrigoriou, her papier-mâché skirt, and her extraordinary portraits were one of the first things you saw as you walked up the stairs to the entrance. Walk through and experience Olivier Bertoni’s colorful paintings inspired by his travels. Upstairs, Xavier Delatour will gladly explain his interesting choice of canvas. It was a night full of laughter, knowledge, and inspiration.

Reflections is the 11th contemporary art exhibit by Kolektif 509. They organize these events to display a modern side of Haiti’s cultural wealth. Friday night was proof that Haitian contemporary art is alive and well. We hope to see more exhibits like this, or even better, in the future. If you are looking for something cultural to do in the city, stop by Villa Kalewes. Reflections is the perfect event for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy art and maybe…. just maybe take one home with you! Who knows?! The exhibit will run through December 23, you have plenty of time. ManManPemba approved!

By Madona Thevenin




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