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Transport Chic

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Phone : +50937412489 / +50937450820 /+50938343063 / +50936302576 / +50931075423
Address : 71, Rue Oswald Durand ( En face Stade Sylvio Cator ), Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Transport Company

2 Reviews

  1. BENJAMIN , 1 year ago

    Grosse déception pour cette compagnie de transport pour un voyage Les Cayes vers Port au Prince. Départ prévu à 11h30, nous sommes partis à 12h30 avec 1h de retard. Nous sommes donc arrivé vers 17h00 tous affamé car nous ne pouvions pas manger dans le bus et pas d’arrêt de prévu durant ce voyage hormis un arrêt pour allez aux toilettes. La qualité des sièges sont très inconfortable. La cerise sur le gâteau, le personnel accompagnant dans le bus très désagréable et autain avec la clientèle. J’ai donc chercher en vain le rapport avec le nom de cette société et la réalité du trajet… bref très mauvaise expérience de voyage.

  2. Gordon Kirk , 1 year ago

    Nan Kreole: CHIC se youn bon bagay! Bon sevis, bus sa prop, chofe yo pruden, sage. Machin yo nan bon eta, en form! Mwe vwayaje ak CHIC anpil fwa! No problem! Si wout sa move, chofe yo konduit byen. Kounye-a se $10.00 U.S., piy-i ! Si ou genyen anpil malets yo Ou kapab paye kob anko men le Ou monte nan Bus CHIC, Ou gen konfo, sekurite, pou ale nan Cayes (Cavaillon, St Louis de Sud, Aquin, etc). Chofe pa sel, li genyen asosie avek li pou kontrole kalite nan bus sa. (Wi, yo bay “stop” pou konfor osi.)
    Don’t hesitate to travel on CHIC Buses! They are clean, A/C cooled, comfortable, driven by competent and professional Chauffeurs with an assistant aboard. mechanically well cared for by my experience during numerous trips November – Dec 2015. Always on time but never driving too fast. If weather or other conditions prevail the Chauffeurs that I have been with have avoided excessive speed, always keeping the vehicle under control. They would rather be slightly late and safe! The CHIC bus Stations are clean, the staff are courteous and helpful. If you have more than two bags or very heavy bags you may pay extra however the 2015 price is $10.00 U.S. one way! There is one “rest station” at Tiz Market in Miragoane, I advise that passengers travel after caring for toilet needs. For my money there is no better service available. The schedule is 7 days weekly starting at 7:00am through to evening, perhaps 9:00pm. If travelling late make sure of availability in advance as CHIC must adjust to traffic conditions that are sometimes challenging into and out of Port-au-Prince. This is a good, high quality bus service into the south of Haiti from Port-au-Prince. I highly recommend CHIC and will continue to be their repeat customer.


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