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Epi d’Or, Mac Epi

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Epi dor

Tel: +50937320219
Adress: 24, Rue Faubert, Angle Rue Villate, Petion-Ville



AMBIENCE :  Casual, Groups

PARKING :  Street parking, withb dedicated parkting spots

SPECIALTY :  Ham and Cheese Crepes ! The place can get kind of crowded, but overall the management maitains a clean place.

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3 Reviews

  1. Kaye Durand , 5 years ago

    I hope this is the correct one I am referencing– the really big one. This was one of the first fast food places I visited in Haiti. I am sad to say the service is horrible. It’s always busy and the girls working the counter act like they do not want to be there. The owner is very nice and when she is around service is much better. I hate writing negative reviews, but this is a place that if you are dying of hunger you should try another spot. The food especially there breakfast is awesome, but it is a hit or miss with lunch or dinner.

    I know this next complaint of mine may be part of the culture itself, but the security guards with the big guns scare me. I dont even feel safe with them around let alone fear of a burglar coming in…just my insight. There are probably one or two cashiers and service workers I would keep if I was management. Everyone needs to adjust their attitude or find a new job. It is never a pleasurable meal after going through half of the mess while trying to place an order.

  2. Ricardo Lartigue , 6 years ago

    I’m disappointed that Mc Epi is now offering such a poor service. I would rate the food below average. There’s a lack of organization and the place isn’t even clean anymore. The bathrooms look terrible and are really dirty. In the past Mc Epi used to offer a better service at what I would call a convenient price since the food was okay. Now since the food is not so good I would call it a cheap place to eat fast food.

  3. Haiti Travel Guy , 6 years ago

    Another daily hangout place for me. This is a well known meeting and gathering place. My first choice for a Prestige in the afternoon. Food is more limited than the one down Delmas. Crepes are popular and I do like the deli style sandwiches.

    My biggest complaint here is many time the AC is not working and the bathrooms are not open. Not sure why but I can go there everyday for weeks and the bathrooms are still closed.


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