Where to grab the best cheesburger in town ?

5. Muncheez ( Bois Verna and PV ) :  ManManPemba likes Muncheez, especially for their pizzas but they serve pretty good burgers too.

4. Epi d’Or : Epi d’Or is a local fast-food chain, that serves very affordable value meals and is open 7/7, pretty late at night too.

3. Karibe Hotel : This is not the first spot you’d think of for a cheese burger but their Brasserie is great, the setting is cool and having a cheesburger by the Bar at Karibe is just a good cheeseburger experience ūüėČ

2. Hang : Hang could have been first in this list. The taste and service are great. It is just the price of a ManManPemba menu ( cheeseburger + fries + coke ) that makes it second.

1. Les Delices Burgers : This is  ManManPemba favorite joint to eat a good burger. The place is really unique, kind of hidden that makes it a true local spot. The service pretty fast and the list of burgers is great.  If you never heard of this place, or never went yet, click the link to Delices and go try it out.  For those of you who know the place, add your review about this place.

This list is totally ManManPemba’s opinion, and you might have yours. Please comment on this post if you think a place was forgotten,¬† if your order would be different, write your reviews about those burgers places too !

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  1. Fastforward Haiti , 7 years ago

    @ManManPemba we tried best top 5 in pap and the BEST Burger in town is at Quartier Latin, Pv!! your choice of 7 @QL

  2. Renata , 7 years ago

    MP this is like an ode to urban PAP. I liike


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