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Asu Lounge

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Adresse : Karibe Hotel
Phone : +50928127000

Bars Clubs Live Music ,

5 Reviews

  1. Luc Northman , 2 years ago

    I went to ASU rooftop bar while visiting Haiti which was the only negative issue I had while in haiti
    Made a reservation for 5 people for
    4 of us came but the one came 20 minutes later. The security guard who is tall and short hair literally said he will NOT let the last person come in because he didn’t has a reservation I told him we have a reservation we told him the name we put on the reservation to get in then he said he’s not going to let the other person in because he has the power
    Which was shocking
    Even though the hostess told him we already have a reservation she just forgot to enter it on the list he still said he does not want the other person in
    So my friends and I decided to walk out even though the waitress said no we don’t have to do that
    To make matters worse when we got downstairs I overheard the other security guard said to a group of white kids they don’t have a reservation
    But the security guard I had issue with said no it’s OK they can go in.
    That’s what I call DOWN LOW discrimination
    Which was very disappointing I expected better from Karibe Hotel/ASU Rooftop Bar
    That will be the last time I come to that place unless that guy is FIRED

  2. Mylaine Gravel , 4 years ago


  3. Yana , 5 years ago

    I already went there more than 4 times with my husband. The experience is WOWWW. Everything about ASU LOUNGE transpires class and originality and prices are very affordable.The quality of the food is excellent.
    Best lounging in town

  4. ms_got_somethingTOsay , 5 years ago

    so much thought has been put into that place! everything about asu transpires class and originality. food is out of this world!! service aims to be the best, but not sure the servers got the memo lol 🙂 the ladies behind the bars tho, i love! they always got me! my fav part of asu is how affordable everything is!!! cant get over the atmosphere and at that price especially. best lounging in town, hands down!

  5. Fabrilly Oh , 5 years ago



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