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Bassin Bleu

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Extract from a website dedicated to Bassin Bleu called : http://www.bassin-bleu.com/index.html

Hidden in the hills above the picturesque town of Jacmel in the South East Region of Haiti, Bassin-Bleu is an experience of a lifetime. Local guides will aid you in your journey.

Jump from the waterfalls, swim in the cool basins, enjoy the cool cover of the lush vegetation in your own private grotto. Bassin-Bleu is truly a national treasure of Haiti – in fact, a reason to make the journey to the island of Hispaniola.

Travel to Bassin-Bleu is restricited to a minimal amount of tourists per day to preserve its environmental integrity. Because of this exclusivity, please make sure to check with your local resort to ensure you will be able to travel on your desired day. Also, please make sure you leave Bassin-Bleu as pristine as you found it.


3 Reviews

  1. Ricardo Lartigue , 6 years ago

    I convinced my parents to take me to Bassin Bleu seven years ago after seeing pictures of this beautiful place in calendars. At the time a four wheel drive car was recommended to access the place. I remember walking and hiking for a few minutes with the locals as guides before finally getting to the famous spot. It was great to hear from my guide a little history of the place. I was told that a foreigner once fell in love with the place and decided to build a fortune house near the area. It was more like a shelter in my opinion.

    I was happy to finally be in this place, but left a few minutes after swimming a little. I could have had more fun but the fact that the people of the area told me stories, that i am now realizing were not necessarily true, changed my experience.

    First of all i was scared of diving from the top because i was told that some people jumped and never came back. I was told a lot of stories that are all related to how magic caused the death of some visitors.

    The next time i go to Jacmel will definitely visit this place again and try to have a better experience. I am curious to see if there is any positive change made by the ministry of tourism.

  2. Magda , 6 years ago

    All I have to say is “Awesome”. Water is cold and refreshing. The guides are great.

  3. Devan Wardwell , 7 years ago

    ( http://www.manmanpemba.com/tuesday-1-3-5-may-1st-devan-wardwell-mountain-biker-from-st-marc/ ) This waterfall and swimming hole is the stuff of Haitian legend, purportedly harboring mermaids at its depths. The Basin is difficult to get to, but it starts with a great hike, some rock scrambles and when you finally arrive at the pools you’ll be glad you made the effort.


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