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Caribbean Supermarket

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Address : 51, Rue Metellus, Petion-Ville
Phone : +50931133333
Opening hours : Monday to Saturday : 8 AM to 8 PM / Sunday : 9 AM to 2 PM

Patisserie Supermarkets

4 Reviews

  1. Ricardo Lartigue , 6 years ago

    I’ve had mixed experiences with the bakery of Caribbean Supermarket. I really like their avocado bacon sandwich and find other items reasonably priced not to say very cheap.

    I once asked them if they could make me a custom cake looking exactly like my car. I brought them many printed pictures of my car and even came with a small toy replica of my car. I made the order ten days before my birthday and they ended up giving me a cake that looked nothing like my car. I was very disappointed. I would appreciate them telling me they couldn’t make me the cake i wanted. I regret the fact that i wasted my time with them because it was too late to have done the cake i wanted somewhere else

  2. Tommy Vercetti , 6 years ago

    Customer service is awesome, most of the employees don’t seem annoyed to work. The bakery is a nice plus although there is WAY too much light in the newly opened section,
    at night it makes my eyes burn. The bakery employees take almost 20 minutes to make a sandwich at night, there is room for improvement. This market also needs more small carts.

  3. Becky , 7 years ago

    The new bakery is WONDERFUL! We bought a birthday cake, donuts, cheesecake, and cookies while there last week. See you again in June!

  4. Diana Pierre-Louis , 8 years ago

    I love this supermarket because I can get my favorite coffee creamer to put in my Haitian coffee…just kidding. I love this store because there is a great variety of products and goods. Although there are imported brands, there are many authentic foods and drinks to buy. It is very affordable, clean, organized and customer friendly.


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