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Chicken Fiesta

39 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel : +50928139866 / +50922306103 / +50933825385
Adresse : 124, Rue Panamericaine, Petion-Ville


PRICE : $$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Groups

PARKING :  Street parking

SPECIALTY :  Spicy chicken wings ! The owner dedication to the place is inspiring and the service is really good.


39 Reviews

  1. Samie Cherie , 4 years ago

    The vegetarian customer: Amazing customer service. I always get vegetable fried rice and vegetable eggrolls. Reasonable prices except for the juices. Good ambiance always.

  2. Frantz Gabriel Nerette , 5 years ago

    Nice chicken restaurant

  3. Patricia Rameau Lamothe , 5 years ago

    What a simple, amazing little place. Love their food and the terrace wow. My only complaint is the music level too loud and sometimes not very appropriate with foul language other than that love chicken fiesta.

  4. Colette Tijerino , 5 years ago

    The Chinese food is really, really good. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chow Mein, and fried rice. They were a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

    The owner or supervisor speaks English, which is a super plus for those still learning Kreyòl.

    Would’ve given the review 5 stars if only the delivery option was more efficient. They had trouble finding the address and arrived late with our food.

    • Pasha Brandt , 5 years ago

      All together the roads in Haiti are impossible. When you order for the first time the delivery guys tend to take a while. ask the driver for his name and make sure you request him next time, i recon they have more then just one driver. Any business providing delivery services in Haiti will without a doubt run into the same issues the roads just arent very easy to follow even by the locals

  5. reggie , 5 years ago

    I dont live in haiti but ive been to a few places already (restaurants), i wasnt sure at first about how good was the food but i was actually surprised. Keep it up!

  6. Shreview , 5 years ago

    I’ve had better wings at Chicken Master or even Harry’s and Hot & Fresh. Nuff said

  7. chef johanne , 5 years ago

    I am very please to read all your comments. It isn’t easy running a business in Haiti let alone having 26 Haitian employees to deal with. The government office (headache) suppliers (expensive) utilities (none existent) Fresh local vegetable (not always fresh and are all seasonal) employees lack of exposure,education,antisocial, no courteousy,impatient, what else am I living out? lol.
    Skilled labor OMG! Gas leak is fix 1 hour later you have to call them back. Plumbing issues two days later it continues. It never ends! The land where no “professional” services are guaranteed.

    It’s been. A constant roller coaster ride but one we have enjoyed in the 3 years we have been operating. The food is good and we fight to keep it consistent which is not easy in Haiti.

    Our staff is made aware of their lacking and is thought a new way which has taken them a while to grasp. although they slip back to their old ways every now and then they make a conscious effort to correct themselves almost immediately.

    We are thrill to read all your comments and assure you we can only get better when you let us know where we need to improve.

    We realize we can never please every one of our clients but we most certainly train our staff to respect and conduct themselves to the best of their abilities and assure what’s on the menu is always available (unless suppliers says different) and that our kitchen staff is trained weekly and are all on top of their games.

    You are very important to us and we assure you that we have taken all that’s been written in consideration and we will work together even closer and stronger to bring you an even better and faster service. Hope to see you all soon

    Johanne LABORDE
    Chicken Fiesta

    • Lynn Noudewo , 5 years ago

      I love your attitude and want to come eat there based on this post, keep up with the great attitude!

  8. Marc F Goldman Papailler , 5 years ago

    Good Service,good food i went there in september of 2012 the place have the coldest beer in town and the best wings…

  9. Giah , 5 years ago

    Good is a very modest name, it should be excellent!! The food is great.
    Absolutely love this place!!! The food is great as well as the atmosphere…i will definitely go there again!!!

  10. Mishka Jeanty , 5 years ago

    Love the top of the roof, great food, good music, great vibe. Not expensive, the service was very good. The waiter was very attentive to our needs and very friendly something you rarely find in Haiti. I could see the chef on the grill dancing while cooking this to me was very refreshing and entertaining. I will definitely go back

  11. Lynn-Cha Hecdivert , 5 years ago

    The wings were a little dry if you ask me. But the service was great, the atmosphere as well.

  12. jonathan lotin , 5 years ago

    I was sold on the first round of Prestige…Frozen mugs, cold beers, good wings, great crowd, pretty ladies, smiling faces. The Chinese food reminded me of NYC style Chinese food. Highly recommend the fry conch the spicy sauce (I’m a dipper) very tasty. Fried rice was on point my buddies and I had a great time. Our food took a while to come then again it was all fresh food. We understood the lateness once we tasted our food. Most importantly it was easy on our pocKets.

  13. Gina Demergeau Lasseur , 5 years ago

    Awesome food, great custumer service. A definite spot to stop by when visiting Haiti.

  14. Daphnée Alphonse , 5 years ago

    Chicken Fiesta is unlike any other restaurant in Haiti or in the carribean! You will be amazed by the flavors of this fusion & innovative cuisine made by the chefs with so much love. Chicken Fiesta is not only a restaurant but it also offers a great night life with it’s 3 floors including a bar and a sunroof terasse, dj’s, flat screens & kizumba all of this in the middle of the most vibrant city in Haiti. The staff is fun & professional . It’s a must, I promise you will not be dissapointed.

    Love Chicken Fiesta

  15. Joseph Parnell Breceus , 5 years ago

    Best place in town

  16. Keitsa Brisson , 5 years ago

    Best wings I’ve had – anywhere! Haven’t tried any of the other food … can’t tear away from the wings. Coldest beer in all of Haiti. The service & atmosphere are excellent….. friendly & fun.
    Can’t wait to get back for some more!

  17. Gina Demergeau Lasseur , 5 years ago

    Chicken Fiesta is one of the best restaurants in Port Au Prince Haiti. The food is phenomenal but what makes it even better is the wonderful, family atmosphere that’s present in there. It’s the place to eat when visiting Haiti.

  18. Haititoni , 5 years ago

    Pure awesomeness. Awesome staff awesome owners awesome wings and awesome chow mein ( my fav). Coldest beer in town for real no lie. Love this place and Chef Johann is fabulous

  19. Pasha Brandt , 5 years ago

    @ Marcos, you prefer Domino’s wings over CF’s wings? dude, are you serious? pa dekouraje mounn yo konsa brother pam. that is crazy. I have eaten honestly in all the restaurants in Haiti by far this is the only place i have eaten from where i am honestly satisfied. lem vremen grangou brodeu ce lam ka manje kotem santim byen.

    from the second I walk in to the moment i walk out mwin poze pam. the place is clean the waitresses are nice and friendly e yo pa led ti mounn tou, The food does sometimes take a while but i try to understand it especially when the owner Johanne is there. she communicates with you to let you know that they are working diligently for you.

    i like the fact that the food is cooked to your specification. im allergic to seafood and onions she make sure the woke is disinfected before my food is cooked. kombyen kote nan PV wap jwin sa? a chak fwa mwin vini en vakans ce lam distrem.

    every time you go there is a healthy and growing improvement and my favorite the bathroom flushes and its always clean….

    every Friday movies I LOVE IT!
    keep it up ladies ill see you all next year

    Shirley/Jocelyne (best waitresses) tell them i sent you

  20. marcos , 6 years ago

    I haven’t been to the restaurant itself yet but I tried their delivery service. Wings+rice+delivery within Petionville = $21. Delivery took more than 1 hour. Wings are tough and dry (perhaps more time for marinating them could help). I see there was a comment from the owner explaining high prices because of imported ingredients. I suggest the use of local Haiti ingredients instead, which should help reducing prices and would also support the local economy. Given the experience, I will probably not bother visiting this restaurant, and will be ordering from the next-door Pizza Dominos – wings there taste a lot more better, delivery is faster, though as expensive.

  21. Emmy , 6 years ago

    Who doesn’t like wings ? I love that they have a lot of different sauces…and of course their delivery option is super convenient.

  22. Valencia Daniels , 6 years ago

    The restaurant is owned by Chef Johanne aka Makaya. Great woman, selfless human being. She is always doing something to help someone. I have been following her for quiet sometimes now. She has done it the old fashion way.

    A self-made, hard working woman. she runs a tight ship in that restaurant of hers and she doesn’t take no for an answer. A young woman like that returning to Haiti not only to create jobs in the country but to share her knowledge with the youth and also by forming single mothers to become financially independent. For that alone many people who knows her supports her endeavor.

    she always looks good and smiling. pleasing everybody, making sure you experience is top notch. My family loves her, my girls think she is so down to earth

    shes often trains her staff right before dinner when i get there early enough i listen to her. She means business.
    i try to put myself in their shoes back there. although the meal coming out of that kitchen is fresh, delicious and on point that kitchen is really small. when the food comes out you see and understand why it took so long. everything is cook fresh to order

    when its pack i try to understand so long they keep those delicious colorful chips coming with the coconut mango salsa they serve im good.
    and when its too much she offers free drinks, cant beat that in Petion-Ville.

    Be patient enjoy the ambiance what ever you do support Chicken Fiesta because I ve had the pleasure of talking to this young woman many times shes the real McCoy support her shes one of the good ones.

  23. Gina , 6 years ago

    TOTALLY LOVE Chicken Fiesta and I lived a few blocks away when I was in Haiti. I came so many times with groups for the chicken and the beer.

    My only big problem is the rudeness of one of the ladies (not sure if it is the owner or not but she is not a waitress and spoke English). She made a mistake in my bill but was unapologetic about it. I recommend Chicken Fiesta to get their menu straight. Charge for what is written on the menu you GAVE not the updated one you FORGOT to give.

    Even with all the drama I gave it another chance. I hope you guys cleaned up a little bit and start thinking about real customer service. You can be so much greater than you are not because those wings are the bomb.

  24. Tate Watkins , 6 years ago

    I won’t go back to Chicken Fiesta after having an awful experience there last night. We had one large party on one bill, and then multiple groups splintered from the main party and asked for separate checks, which they received and paid for, before leaving the restaurant. The items they paid for, however, remained on the main check, which wound up in my hand, and significantly increased the charge to my party.

    I surmised what the mistake was and tried to explain it courteously to the waiter, then to the manager, saying, for instance, “Everyone makes mistakes, it’s no big deal”—first in Creole, and then, to the anglophone manager, in English. Alas, my efforts and those of other members of my party came to no avail.

    The conversational mood in the room then turned sour, on both parties’ accounts, admittedly. After about 45 minutes of unpleasant discourse and fruitless explanation, the staff and manager finally realized the mistake and admitted as much. They let us pay the bill for only the items we consumed.

    Joanne, the owner, was not there, and I feel like the situation would have been handled much more efficiently and with much more tact had she been present. Still, the whole incident left a bad taste in my mouth, and I do not plan to return to the establishment.

    The Prestige are indeed quite cold.

    • Johanne Laborde , 6 years ago

      Dear Tate,

      We apologize for your bad experience at Chicken Fiesta. The waiter was new and didn’t keep a good track of who was ordering the different items on the menu since he assumed there will be one big bill for the party. It is very hard when you are new and inexperienced to keep track of everyone consumption when you weren’t told from the beginning that each party will pay separetly.

      I sincerely hope that this one bad experience won’t keep you away for good.
      We appreciate all our custommers and want to treat them with the same level of respect and hope that they will treat our staff in return.

      As you stated”Everyone makes mistakes”

      Hope to see you soon

  25. Karlitha , 6 years ago

    My whole family have become a regular at Chicken Fiesta. We’ve tried almost everything on the menu and have always been satisfied. I can’t not mention their ice cold beers. There’s something for everyone in the family, the staff is friendly and courteous. And I love that they are open late to satisfy any late night cravings 🙂

  26. JMC , 6 years ago

    Great food; great service—check it out!

  27. George casimir , 6 years ago

    just got that off facebook thought id share it with you all…




    25 Gourdes WINGS MONDAY SPREAD THE WORD (at the Bar only) COOL CF BAR ON THE 2cnd FLOOR (bagay Malheur)

    HAPPY HOUR Monday-Friday 4 to 7pm Prestige Beer 50grd at the bar ONLY. checkout the new BAR and House drinks.
    Frecheur Lakay…Al doucemen…Adios Mother Forker…tet fret…ameliorem…Lady NAd…sapata all 200 Grdes during Happy hour

    MONDAY-FRIDAY 11:30am-3pm 250 LUNCH SPECIAL your choice or whats left…..in house only not for take-out

    ~ (jamaican style) Curry chicken/ white rice

    ~ Singapore noodles….vegetable or meat(50-100 more-no seafood)

    ~Spicy BBQ serve with white rice

  28. Pascal Antoine , 6 years ago

    My favorite place to eat in Petionville. I can’t wait to go back.

  29. Haiti Travel Guy , 7 years ago

    Best wings in Haiti. Nuf said!

    The coldest Prestige I’ve ever had.

    A fun place.

  30. AMWA , 7 years ago

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the beer yet! Yes, yes, yummy wings and I really like the hareng egg rolls myself, but what really gets me here after work is the guaranteed cold beers including nice frozen mugs. Also, the waitress is always very nice and comes immediately if you squeeze the rubber chicken they put on each table (cute touch).

  31. Emmanuel S , 7 years ago

    I would like to say perfect for the quality of food, I especially enjoyed the buffalo wings, very juicy, spicy and everything but the environment definitely needs some improvement.

  32. lolita , 7 years ago

    Best wings I’ve had here in Haiti! Service’s also great. The only bad thing was that the waiting time was a bit too long! But it didn’t matter once we started eating lol..

  33. Chicken Fiesta Bar & Grill , 7 years ago

    @ Turd F. thank you so much for your kind reviews. Two things we never want to be known for is bad service and being expensive. I am so sorry you feel this way. We have tried our very best to accomdate our clients, in quality, price and service. Keep in mind everything we serve you are imported from the state or directly from China. With our overhead cost and prices going up all the time its very difficult to sale anything for less then what is on the menu. You have paid 12.50 for a bowl of fried rice? wow! even I wouldn’t eat here anymore.

    Please stop by for a new menu or send us your email so we can email a menu to you

    Thank you all for you patronage, please come again we look forward to service you again

    Chicken Fiesta
    124 Rue Panamericaine
    for pick or delivery please call 2-813-9866 (delivery fees applicable)

  34. Turd Fergusson , 8 years ago

    Good wings. Good fried rice (the spicy house combo is the best with chicken, beef, shrimp, and maybe pork).
    Pricy, though. 500Gds (US$12.50) for a basic bowl of fried rice. Good to alleviate expat cravings, but I can’t afford to be a regular there, as much as I might want to be. Thankfully, it is open on Sundays.

  35. Alain Armand , 8 years ago

    Hands down, the BEST wings on the Island. Whoever is #2 on that list doesnt even matter. The chinese food is also excellent. If you get there during mango season I recommend the mango smoothies and the mango haberno wings which maybe the best I have ever tasted.

    If your nice to the owners, you might get some amazing off menu items.


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