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Chicken Master

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A food cart – take out food – more than a restaurant ( small sitting area next to the food cart ).
Address : 173, Avenue Jean-Paul 2 ( Haut Turgeau, after the Digicel Tower / before Quisqueya )
Phone :  +50947911111 / +50947901111

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7 Reviews

  1. kika kika , 6 years ago

    Good affordable junk food, the threesome fries are the best ! Pick it up yourself, though!

  2. Dominique Tardieu , 6 years ago

    The delivery guy passed infront of my house when he came back he started complaining on how i didn’t gave him good information (My adress wasn’t enough.)
    The worst was when i openned my threesome there was no cheese on the chicken it was stuck to the top of my box the chicken wasn’t cooked enough. The service is really bad too. Their food is usually good i don’t think i’m a be buying there anymore but if you’re hungry and need something fast i recommend going there i said GO because if you ask for Delivery you’ll be stuck waiting 30min up to 2 hours. 2 Stars for the Food only

  3. Freda Montas , 6 years ago

    They took 3 hours the other day before delivering the food, I had to cancel.

  4. Estelle Georges , 6 years ago

    Although I only have good things to say the food sold at Chicken Master, I just cannot get over the poor customer service associated with the delivery option. They seriously have the worse delivery service in Port-au-Prince and there’s competition for that title in our city! It is an absolute turnoff for an otherwise awesome fast food joint. Chicken Master, your delivery service sucks, your staff doesn’t understand the need for proper customer treatment. If you cannot keep your engagement to bring the food to customers in a timely manner, simply cancel your delivery service and focus on what you actually can do: delicious, affordable food.

    A frustrated customer

  5. Shreview , 6 years ago

    Thank God for that place! It’s the best fast food in Port-au-Prince. And they deliver, couldn’t ask for better! And it’s cheap on top of everything. I tried and love everything on their menu. My only bad thing to say about it is that every time i ask not to put hot sauce on my orders, they still put it. Besides that everything is on point!

  6. Saida , 6 years ago

    Never went there but my maths tutor is a student at universite quisqeya which is really close from chicken master and brought me THREESOME earlier this week. it was good it’s like an updated version of the canadian poutine (fries , gravy & cheese) the fries were delicious and the chicken was spicy and tender and the cheese was the best part of it. And I also heard that they are really affordable. Iam willing to try some other things on the menu 😀 😀

  7. tkb , 6 years ago

    one of the chef made me breakfast, even though they were no longer selling breakfast. I thought that was cool, spent a lovely morning under the choukounette chatting it up. a month later I placed a rather large order for delivery and seriously it was the most difficult communication process ever! but the wings were delicious, delivery was on time…overall satisfied. Finally I called one evening for delivery at 7 pm. They would not deliver even though it was to a ridiculously short distance….it all boils down to customer service…it is simply not a forte anywhere here. but CM is a great neighborhood spot.


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