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Adress : 12, Rue Louverture, Pétion-Ville
Phone :  +50928130151 / +50928130106 / +50928160136

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17 Reviews

  1. Mrs. P , 1 year ago

    Very good place!

  2. real guilbaud , 3 years ago

    My wife and I went to Haiku last night. From the outside until we leave, the service was excellent. Friendly service, excellent food, great atmosphere, good customer service. Definitely a cosy place to go. WE will go back there.

  3. Shreview , 3 years ago

    I think the most important thing in any business and specially restaurants should be consistency. I like Haiku, it’s one of my top 3 go-to places for lunch … but sometimes they blow your mind and other times the food is not as great as you expected and you leave disappointed. They should really work on it. But aside from that, like i said, one of my top 3 places for a good lunch: very polite and friendly staff, good ambience, prompt service.

  4. Ronel Lorius , 3 years ago

    I love the calamari…

  5. Ena Derenoncourt , 3 years ago

    I had my lunch delivered today all the way downtown to my office. The food was on time and well presented, the service was professional from the person who took my order to the delivery guy. I highly recommend Haiku and I will definitely order for delivery again.

  6. Tashtuna , 4 years ago

    beautiful Japanese like restaurant

  7. Tashtuna , 4 years ago

    Perfect… The food is great, the staff takes great care of the guests and is very attentive, and the decor is beautiful and original. The one detail I would like to add is that it could be bigger and more specious.

  8. Julia Rakhilskaya , 4 years ago

    Very good service and food, polite and attentive staff! This is unique place in PAP! One of the best restaurants in town!

  9. Vivyàn Julien , 4 years ago

    Now that’s what I call sushis. Les Tiger Rolls sont déments. Une explosion de saveurs pour lesquelles on ne résiste pas à s’exprimer avec diverses onomatopées : oooh ! , aaah ! et hmmmm ! à n’en plus finir.
    Tiger rolls at Haiku. Just unforgettable.

  10. Yann Stark , 4 years ago

    I went to haiku last night again. the food was perfect as always the service evrything I think it deserves a 5star now

  11. Yann Stark , 4 years ago

    The sushi their is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. a little to pricey thoe

  12. Nadjy , 5 years ago

    Great service, nice decor and delicious food. We really enjoyed our ladies night there

  13. Tara , 5 years ago

    I was really concerned about the freshness of the food, but I didn’t have any complaints after my first visit, which led me to a second, third and fourth… :)The staff is pretty amazing, and along with superb decor and good food, the [high] prices seem just right!

  14. Thierry Martin , 5 years ago

    Very nice decor but the sushi I ordered were not the best.

  15. Renata , 5 years ago

    Great service. The staff went above and beyond to accommodate our party. The manager stopped by several times at our table to make sure that everything went well. The siting is beautiful, all the details are well thought out. You feel like you are in a genuine Japanese restaurant. The only bad side is that I doubt the freshness of the sushi. I will definitely go there but I will try the hot meals.

  16. Soraya , 5 years ago

    Had a wonderful evening at Haiku. The food was delicious, great service and wonderful ambiance. The decor is lovely!

  17. Natalia Kolbjornsen , 5 years ago

    Food and service are great! Love the decor. Totally worth it !


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