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Harry’s Restaurant

8 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel: +50944049842
Adress: 97, Rue Panamericaine, Bagatelle Plaza, Petion-Ville


PRICE : $$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Groups

PARKING : Street parking, shared with other businesses from the complex

SPECIALTY :  Harrys is known to be opened late at night. Famous spot for hanging late evenning to find something to hit the spot after a night out.


8 Reviews

  1. Galety Fritzmy , 1 year ago

    Bonne endroit pour boire et déguster

  2. Galety Fritzmy , 1 year ago

    Ouvert 24h\24 . Bonne endroit pour boir une bière et des kibby à bon prix

  3. Saida Songz-graham , 5 years ago

    The place is not really attractive in my opinion , its not a place where you can take someone on a date but they have a very large menu and stay open really late which is a big plus for them. You have to try their kibbies and their grilled goat 🙂

  4. Armenis Lemay , 6 years ago

    The food there is good and yes the kibbys are excellent, wish I knew the recipe! The atmosphere is welcoming and prices are ok! Of all the places I went to eat in Haiti I can genuinely say the waitresses are the most customer friendly I’ve met, they come by your table to check on you and are prompt to suggest food! Overall I think it’s a pretty place to relax with a warm ambiance and good food!!

  5. Emmy , 6 years ago

    After a party night, when you spent almost all your money but you’re really starving because of all that booze..well nobody can beat that place. Great food…I love their kibbies..service is pretty good…and prices are just perfect.

  6. Tara , 6 years ago

    It’s NOT a fancy restaurant, but it’s open very late at night, so that’s a plus. The food is not exceptional like the great cuisines in Haiti or Petion-Ville for that matter BUT they might have the best meat kibbehs in Haiti not even Shisha (Mediterranean Restaurant @ rue Lambert) beat them. And the prices are unbeatable. DON’T go there if you’re looking for a seat down-feel good ambiance! 🙂
    Recommended most for price, take-out AND kibbehs, even if you eat something else please get the kibbehs and thank me later 😀

  7. Haiti Travel Guy , 7 years ago

    Harry’s was the first restaurant i ever went to in Haiti. Ok make that the first place i ever went to in Haiti. Nice open air kinda feel with some shops. First response about this place is slow. But sometimes when it comes to service Haitians will get to you when they, well…feel like it. So be patient. I might be a little biased about Harry’s cause its also where i met my wife. But i wouldn’t recommend this as a strategy. It was just right place and the right time 🙂 She will kill me if she reads this.

    I go usually once or twice a week for spagetti. Best i’ve had with real meat sauce and bread for 175 gourdes. Harry’s is the one restaurant in Haiti that didn’t jack up his prices after the earthquake to gouge the NGO’s and locals. Its reasonable.

    There is a great little ice cream place on the way out at the street.

  8. Belle Petionvilloise , 7 years ago

    I would not recommend this restaurant if you particularly interested in eating in a 3/4 star restaurant. I don’t doubt that Harry’s had it’s point when it was a cornerstone in Petion-Ville, but those days are long gone. My most recent visit to Harry’s really left a bad taste in my mouth literally. Issue number one, the wait there is unbearable. The service is subpar. The food isn’t particularly better than what you would get off the street, yet the food is overpriced. With a group of 5 we waited for over an hour for some lambi boukannen and burgers. When the lambi finally arrived we were already annoyed by the wait because there was barely no one there, so it wasn’t due to high customer traffic. What killed me is that the lambi was as hard as a tire, no taste. It’s as if they just threw the lambi on the grill. I would recommend the chef walk up the street from some lessons from Coin des Artist on how to properly grill a lambi. But what made it worse was the bathroom. The restroom is so filthy that I anticipate you would catch something just by being in there. This is a very honest review of my experience at Harry’s. I do remember when Harry’s good, so I don’t know what happened. If it’s change of management, chef, etc, what ever it is, it’s no longer what it used to be. So…pass on the food, pass on the service, and pass on the hygiene. If I can’t used your toilet, I don’t want to eat at your establisment. And Ieft my food over night on the table, because I wasn’t chewing on that peice of rubber, it smelled so bad in the morning I had to throw it away.


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