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Kanel Restaurant

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Address : Plaza Hotel, 10 Rue Capois, Port-au-Prince ( près du Champs de Mars )

Phone : +50928146000


The review of ManManPemba

Kanèl Restaurant is my favorite restaurant downtown. Very elegant decor, with nice Haitian paintings. Comfortable seating. The place is air-conditioned. Service is most of  the time on point. Kanèl has Créole Buffet on Wednesdays, International Buffet on Thursdays and Buffet Pecheur ( Seafood ) on Fridays. Recommendation on the regular menu : Spinach and Cherry  Tomatoes Linguini ! Tip : the Buffet Pecheur, on Fridays, even though a bit pricy, is usually EXCELLENT ! ( 25 USD )

6 Reviews

  1. Emily Bauman , 3 years ago

    Kanel Restaurant’s revamped decor and new creole “tapas” menu were such a treat. Who knew there was a gem like this inside Le Plaza Hotel? I highly recommend the lambi fritters, curried goat and a side of sweet potato fries. Enjoyed the relaxed caribbean-luxe vibe, and friendly staff. Will be going back often.

  2. Samie Cherie , 4 years ago

    Vegetarian-Vegan: The place is very classy and well decorated. I had their italian buffet yesterday. Not too many options for our kind (lol) but enough to satisfy your hunger. The service was impeccable. I will definitely go again.

  3. liam_509 , 5 years ago

    This restaurant as most of best buffets, but they need to work on their desserts!

  4. weldon_O , 6 years ago

    La dernière fois que j’y suis allé, ce fut a un de leurs buffets pêcheur, j’ai pratiquement eu un orgasme, lol, la cuisine a Kanel est excellente. Le service a la cliente également. L’espace très bien aménagé, quoique petit. Mais c’etait quand meme parfait. Ce leger detail ne pouvait rien changer. Je veux a tout prix revenir un jour, un vendredi encore, cela va de soir (j’adore la cuisine italienne). C’est l’un des meilleures restaurants d’Haiti. Il figurera tant qu’il garde ce même standard sur la liste de mes restaurants préférés.

    S’il serait possible de donner aux clients quand ils partent un petit paquet de vos biscuits faits maison, se serait parfait. Lol. Je les ADORE.

  5. Ingrid Pater , 6 years ago

    Service et mets de qualité

  6. Morena Mondesir , 6 years ago

    I didn’t expect such a formal restaurant located within a not so formal hotel. The food, service and ambience was superb. Very impressive, as I observed it is frequented by honorable deputies, policemen and other affluent government officials during my lunch there.


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