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Le P’tit Creux

12 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel: +50929423892 / +50929423893 / +50947073692 / +50943746627
Address: 57, Rue Rebecca, Petion-Ville


PRICE : $$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Business,

PARKING : Street parking

SPECIALTY :  A MANMAN PEMBA SPECIAL ! One of the best restaurant in Petion-Ville for lunch. Cabrit ( fried goat ) is excellent. Pretty good service as well and price is totally acceptable.


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  1. […] rater un seul match de la Sélection Nationale. 3- Je ne peux pas départagera ces 2 restaurants: Le P’tit Creux et Presse Café (bon manje!!) 4- Club Indigo, pour aller me relaxer et passer du bon temps avec ma […]

12 Reviews

  1. Saida Songz-graham , 5 years ago

    Amazing food , the decor is so warm and typical haitian . Their shrimp creole is to die for !!

  2. Ena Derenoncourt , 5 years ago

    Excellent spot for lunch on saturdays with the buffet and the live music

  3. Shreview , 5 years ago

    The food is delicious. I pretty much tasted everything on their menu and i’ve not yet been disappointed. And they give you enough food and drink for your money. The free cocktail is also a plus. I like the environment, very “creole”, you feel at home. The people are nice and at your service. And the live band while you’re eating is cherry on top of the cake. No complaints

  4. Laurence A. , 7 years ago

    One of the best haitian restaurant you can find in Haiti. Very affordable, and very nice environment. The food extremely good and i’m never disappointed with their food.

  5. Melody , 7 years ago

    I would say that Le P’tit Creux is one of the best restaurants in PV, although it may not be known like restaurants, the food is great and the service is great. “Good food, good friends, good time”

  6. Pierrerich , 7 years ago

    Food is always good and healthy and I love the place for lunch

  7. Belle Petionvilloise , 7 years ago

    I recently discovered this place. I’ll tell you what it’s not…It’s not a place for foodies looking for the latest fusion. It’s not a trendy place. It’s not a spot for lovers on a night out on the town. It’s not a pretentious place claiming to be anything other than what it is. What it is…is a Haitian gem! The food is mouthwatering. It’s your traditional Haitian dishes served up the way your grandma used to make them. I love their rice and beans. They use the national rice which to me is more flavorful. I would recommend their Saturday buffet. I had the best lambi gratinee of my life there and was forced to break my diet rules. If you love traditional Haitian food then I would certainly recommend this as a top spot in the PV. Right off of Rebecca and Villat, you cannot miss trying the food at le p’tit Creux. Happy exploring!

  8. Sam , 7 years ago

    Best restaurant in P-Ville…..Love the fresh juice and food at the restaurant. You must attend Saturday Buffet with Live Music!!!!

  9. nathalie ambroise , 7 years ago

    I am going to start with the negative first.
    1)Slow service.
    2) a Passion Fruit juice and it was not totally fresh, so i sent it back, waiter came back and told me that someone in the back tasted the juice and found nothing wrong with it. There fore they would not take it back. Please tell me why I would order something if i did not want it in the first place. This goes to show you that once more Haitians know nothing about customer service. They’d rather piss me off over a juice instead of taking it back to make sure that I was a satisfied customer…. I did kind of flip but hey can’t expect any more.
    But I must say the food is good!!

  10. Tuesday 1-3-5 : Paul Beaubrun, Zing Eksperyans | Manman Pemba , 8 years ago

    […] rater un seul match de la Sélection Nationale. 3- Je ne peux pas départagera ces 2 restaurants: Le P’tit Creux et Presse Café (bon manje!!) 4- Club Indigo, pour aller me relaxer et passer du bon temps avec ma […]

  11. lolita , 8 years ago

    So I don’t want to be too straight foward, but this is the worst restaurant I’ve been in. The service was TERRIBLE.I went for lunch 1) I ordered chicken, and the waiter came back 10 minutes later to tell me that there are no chicken, 2) I ordered a fruit juice, the waiter made me wait 20 minutes to come back and tell me that they don’t have this juice anymore!!!! So I pretty much waited the whole time to go out this place with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch! The only good thing was that the place was nice. Sorry le ptit creux never coming back

  12. Renata , 8 years ago

    Le P’tit Creux is a perfect place for nice lunch in Petion-Ville. The parking – as always in Petion-Ville during the day – can be a pain sometimes, but it is totally worh it.
    They serve pretty good and full plate, Haitian typical cuisine. The service is generally fast. Also, the price is attractive.
    Le P’tit Creux is definitely one of my favorite spot for lunch.


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