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Le Perroquet ( NOW CLOSED )

23 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Address : 29, Rue Lamarre, Petion-Ville
Tel : +50938807777
Email : leperroquethotel@gmail.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/leperroquet.hotel

Le Perroquet, with 11 available rooms, is a comfortable, service-oriented Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Pétion-Ville. The owners, Eric & Lana, are really nice and welcoming.
This place will delight urban travelers, looking for a cool atmosphere and affordable rooms in the center of the the City.
Friend the owners on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/leperroquet.hotel   or add your review on http://www.manmanpemba.com/leperroquet

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23 Reviews

  1. wcyprien , 5 years ago

    Hello, I stayed at this hotel on Sunday 11/16/2014 and was not impressed at all. I have never written a review before but I felt too many things happened for me not too. First I had a reservation for Superior room and I paid for that but when I entered the room, it looked a regular standard room with two beds. I didnt understand why i paid the extra money. I didnt fight it cause this was my last night there anyway. The bathroom looked so outdated with no shower curtains. No hot water at all. I went downstairs to complain around 10PM and no was around to fix the problem. Downstairs was totally dark, what if there was an emergency I couldnt find anyone. So we had to take a cold shower both in the morning and i night. The doors did not lock at all. Someone from the outside had to lock to the door for us or we could not lock the door. There was no security at all. Trying to save a few bucks is not worth it at all. I am sorry to right a negative review but I chose this hotel based on the pictures and i was very disappointed.

  2. Jonise , 5 years ago

    Second time around…
    Decided to stay here again based on my stay last year and to my surprise, prices have slightly increased while service has decreased. Our stay was not the best. Certainly not the same boutique hotel feel I ranted and raved about just a year ago. Daily breakfast consisted of a small omelet, dry French bread and coffee. Freshly made fruit juices or veggie accompaniments are pleasantries of the past and no longer an option. The rooms are still tidy, but without wifi (that actually works).

    We planned on staying here for 4 nights but shortened our stay and opted for a more expensive hotel that we could fully enjoy.

  3. Julia Rakhilskaya , 6 years ago

    I know a lot of hotels in the world. In my rating this hotel – second after Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. Haiti have not other hotel where I feel at home! Lana and Eric (owners) are always happy to do everything possible for their guests. There are always homemade food and excellent mood! In Haiti there are excellent restaurants and hotels with a good level of service. But if you want to feel at home, stay here! Here you will find good friends and good emotions! Here you will always be welcome!

  4. Jonise , 6 years ago

    Stayed here during Kanaval Des Fleurs in 2013 and had a great stay! The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The room was way bigger than expected and most importantly clean. The hotel is situated in a very busy part of town so it can get mosey during the day, but that did not bother us since we were always out and about. Transportation is not an issue since all tap-taps drive on this busy street all day. There is also lots to do within walking distance. I would definitely stay here again.

  5. Cynthia , 6 years ago

    J’ai l’impression que c’etait pas le meme endroit dont parle les autres dans leur review parce que ……
    L’acceuil n’etait pas bonne c’est ZERO
    La ou j’etais assise il y a un ravet
    Pour la commande que J’avais passe je ne m’attendais pas a ca c’etait pas presentable
    Pour finir j’ai choisi 1 star comme rate parce que je devais choisir mais me concernant c’aurait ete un ZERO

  6. katlhyn , 6 years ago

    j ai passe une nuit au Perroquet et je compte bien y revenir service impeccable et l accueil chaleureux et le proprio est très sympa .j ai failli oublie le prix est très abordable (ce qui m a beaucoup plu )

  7. Amanda , 7 years ago

    I stayed at Le perroquet recently and was amazed with the great customer experience.The decor is a marriage of Old English pub meets Elegant rural chic! Eric and Lana were very welcoming, friendly and accommodating…Hostess with the Mostest! This bed and breakfast speaks for itself with excellent food, nice decor and comfortable rooms. I especially liked the Friday night theme venue… Bali night was enjoyable! Thank-you for the lovely service and I will definitely be back to Haiti soon!

  8. Amy , 7 years ago

    What a warm reception from Le Perroquet Hotel! I was a bit frazzled when arriving to Petionville after a full day of travel, but things started looking up as soon as I stepped inside Le Perroquet. Eric and Lana are terrific hosts and provide a welcome refuge for travelers from the chaos of Petionville. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will certainly be back to stay at Le Perroquet again down the road!

  9. Aurélie , 7 years ago

    Simply my favorite place in Petion-Ville !!!
    I come by just to spend time with the owner Lana and Eric who managed to make this place friendly.
    I am sensitive to their choices, especially in the selection of fresh products from Furcy.
    Love Lana’s imagination for the food and Eric’s presence during the Friday night evening… I just feel home in there.
    The room are afordable just like the food. The staff is committed and I appreciate the service… Still not perfect yes ,but they are giving it their best and they keep improving…
    I like to go there and meet different kind of people, I actually met most of my friend in there. I think it is due to the specific atmosphere of Le Perroquet. A place where you relax and enjoy… Food, time, Haiti… I ll be back for sure !

  10. Harmony Giordani , 7 years ago

    I Just left le perroquet hotel couple days ago and honesty it was the best experience and dicision I made to go at le perroquet; the staff its amazing and very helpfull.. the price is very reasonable. I can honestly say i miss over there it felt like home this is why in august i will be going back.

    And lets mention Lanna and eric wish is the owners of le perroquet they are everybodys friends.
    #best hospitality

  11. Larissa , 7 years ago

    I went to this place last night with 7 other friends on the basis of the reviews here for their Friday night Mexican night. Big mistake, never doing it again. The waiter was surly and looked as though we were the biggest inconvenience of his life, despite being the only other table besides a group of 3 seated there. The restaurant was gracious in terms of accommodating one member with dietary restrictions, but that is where the graciousness ended.

    We wrote our orders down on a piece of paper and then waited. Luckily, we received drinks first and had been in a great mood – so things like our tequila shots taking an extra fifteen minutes than our earlier drinks to arrive despite having been ordered at the same time were easily overlooked. When the food came out, I never received the fish taco I ordered. A companion of mine got beef tacos instead of fish tacos. And two of the girls who’d ordered avocado on their tacos didn’t receive them. Fine! We explained our situation to the waiter, who reappeared a full thirty minutes later with a taco for myself, my companion, and a plate of avocados, after the rest of the table had finished eating. We had to wait around for fifteen minutes after that for him to come back so we could get a check and try to leave.

    WELL – this guy charges us for FIVE FISH TACOS instead of the three we ordered! And we had very clearly written down our order, and returned the wrong beef taco. He also charged us 600 gourdes for the three tequila shots, when it was a 250 gourde for three special. I went up and argued with him, and eventually got Lana – the half-owner – involved. Lana heard me out and seemed to be taking care of everything so she told me to sit down. When, 15 minutes later, nothing had happened, I got up again and found her drinking with friends at the bar. Frustrated, I tried to speak to the waiter again as well as the bartender. Both of them ignored me and Lana suddenly got up then to tell me to lower my voice – I wasn’t yelling – and to say that she’d spoken now to four people who swore they’d made five fish tacos. Well our table only ever received three! I told her she could call in the police or the Embassy or whoever she wanted, and she tried to bargain me down to four fish tacos. No no no no. Eventually my group paid for our three fish tacos – which they made sure to write down as a “DISCOUNT” instead of just removing the charge on the new bill – but they never did anything about the tequila.

    I would not recommend going back to this restaurant at all. Stay away. The food itself was small portions that weren’t remarkable so you wouldn’t be missing out on anything.

    I don’t know anything about the hotel so I will not comment on it. But I would suggest eating elsewhere, getting your drinks here and hanging out with the crowd if that’s what you’d like. But avoid AVOID avoid the restaurant!

    • j richard miguel , 7 years ago

      LOL! I was there at that Mexican night. Everything was excellent!! apart from one hysterical young lady. Some people just can’t handle there tequilas. I like this place and come here often. Thanks for not coming back! 🙂

  12. Kaye Durand , 7 years ago

    My husband and I had the opportunity to stay here on a Friday night during their well-known Jazz night. We love the ambiance and the rich culture this place has. It’s a mixed array of Caribbean and a little bit of Zen Feng Shui. The husband and wife owners were very welcoming and I love the concept of it being a “green” spot. My husband did not like the fact there weren’t any televisions there, but I loved every moment of it. He had no choice but to keep me company the entire time!!! Outside of it being in a very busy area of Petion-Ville, once you are inside–the noise does not follow you in!

  13. Angela , 7 years ago

    The first time I stayed at Le Perroquet, I was hooked. My friends and I had a great time hanging out in the lounge with the parrot (and musicians!). Then I couldn’t wait to see what delicious surprise would appear for breakfast. It ended up being a mais that would stick on our posse’s bellies throughout our entire hike up to Seguin that morning. Pretty sure Lana and Eric had it prepared just because they knew we were going on an adventure. The room provided simple, no frills comfort. The service is personable and warm. I think the best thing about Le Perroquet is that everyone is welcome and it tends to draw a down-to-earth crowd of dreamers. (Afterall, how could it be stuffy with the entire building polkadotted with charming little portholes to let the breeze pass.) Yoga sessions on the premises and healthy food are a huge plus. This place offers so much personality for your buck.

  14. Leonard Doyle , 7 years ago

    Le Perroquet is a delightful place where there is always a welcome from Eric and Lana. There is nowhere like it in Haiti that I know of and with Eric’s famous cocktails and Lana’s great stories the place has a true Harry’s Bar feel to it. If there is intrigue in Port au Prince, then its being hatched at Le Perroquet and someday there will be a movie, set in its dark wood paneled bar. “Here’s looking at you, kids.”

  15. Richard Miguel , 7 years ago

    Cool and Relaxed atmosphere. A good place to unwind. People who enjoy pleasant atmosphere and friendly mix of all types will certainly love this place.
    Highly enjoyable and a MUST on Friday music night.

  16. michele , 7 years ago

    Sono stato ospite a Le Perroquette 2 volte nelle ultime settimane. E’ un piccolo hotel molto accogliente e confortevole. Un rifugio dal caos della strada dove si viene accolti con amicizia da Eric e Lana e dove, soprattutto il venerdì sera, si può ascoltare ottima musica dal vivo.

  17. CH , 7 years ago

    Le Perroquet has become my home away from home. Eric and Lana strive to create an environment and atmosphere that is comfortable, unpretentious, and a welcome change from the pace and noise of the city outside. Live music events here are an added bonus. Other guests are quiet often friendly, interesting and occasionally entertaining. I really look forward to meals at Le Perroquet. The regular menu is very well priced and consistently well prepared. The specials take advantage of fresh produce coming from Furcy and Lana’s creativity. I’ve spent time in a few of the other hotels in Petionville, most of them are around twice the price, but I return time after time to Le Perroquet for it’s value, quality and character; not to mention to support a locally owned and operated business!

  18. Arnaud , 7 years ago

    Last September, I discovered Le Perroquet through my musician’s friends in Haïti. Since, I’ve been going regularly on Friday nights to enjoy live music and especially jam sessions. What makes Le Perroquet exceptional is that you will always meet new people, nice and friendly, all like Lana and Eric who run the place.

  19. leann ratner , 7 years ago

    We had the best time here!! Lana & Eric are the best hostess you would ever want, We always loved having a surprise dinner by Lana. The bar is one of the happening places in PV. You can not go wrong staying here it is a piece of heaven in heaven!

  20. AMWA , 7 years ago

    This place has character! It is a nice casual but cool restaurant/ bar with reasonable prices. I like that it allows a nice mix of clients. You don’t go for the food but more for the atmosphere or the live music. The menu is pretty limited but the steak and appetizers are decent (nothing exceptional). Don’t have the ravioli – it is nothing like ravioli – more like under-cooked Haitian pate.

  21. J , 7 years ago

    I love going there on Friday nights; they always have great music. Prices on drinks are great; very unpretentious. Their rhum sours and rhum punches are tasty. Food is expensive–but not insane.

    BUT–like way too many places in Haiti (and they are better than most)–

    Their service is slow and sometimes VERY surly. I understand the cultural issues that come with the industry, but, it’s a blight, and it’s their only fault. If Eric and Lana can get that fixed, they will be TOPS. But, other than that; it’s my favorite bar in PV.

  22. Haiti Travel Guy , 7 years ago

    We recently stayed here at the newly born Le Perroquet hotel in PV. Previously the Cubano and then Kalabas the new owner/managers have created a nice little boutique hotel that brings much needed value to lodging in Petionville. Rooms are modern and clean yet simple. The old world wood and stone decor is a nice look and feel in the bar, dining and waiting areas.

    What i like about this hotel is its location. For me i want guests to be able to walk and experience PV with out the need for a car. Private transportation in Haiti is some of the most expensive in the world. In PV its not needed every day. I like a hotel that puts guests in a place where they can visit local markets, culture and events at night clubs and restaurants.

    Rooms start at $50 and go to $80 and thats a value you wont find anywhere else in the heart of PV.


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