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Muncheez PV

8 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel: +50937131393 / +50928131524 / +50928131530
Address: 2, Rue Rebecca, Petion-Ville


PRICE : $$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Groups

PARKING :  Street parking

SPECIALTY :  Muncheez Pizzas are good ( try the Meat Lover ). Famous place in Petion-Ville, gathering mix crowds of local, expats, Haitian diaspora looking for good pizza and burgers.  You can easily meet Haitian music stars there. Pool Table. Delivery

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8 Reviews

  1. no no , 1 year ago

    ordered a pizza once and not only did i get the pizza late but they gave me the wrong pizza and someone had already eaten 3 slices of the pizza they gave me before i even opened the box. so i called munchez to tell them that this was not my pizza and then the girl was like “oh yes it is’ and after much discussion she finally sent the driver back to get my pizza and they call me saying that i have to pay for the pizza because i started eating it even though they are they ones that gave me a pizza that had already been started eated. So overall the person was rude, judgmental and out of line because if she should be serving someone she is supposed to show respect not be rude to the customer and say whatever the hell she wants to say. I ended up getting the pizza i ordered like 1 and half hours later. So it was terrible

  2. Jonise , 4 years ago

    If you’re hungry late night, you can always count on them to be open. The pizza and wings are great, and the leftovers make great breakfast too LOL.

  3. Naomi , 5 years ago

    Called to order a pizza be delivered to my house. Lady took my order and advised me it would be 35min. I live 15min from the restaurant so that made sense. An hour later still had not received my pizza so I called back to see where it was. She then told me that the driver was just leaving with my order. 20 minutes later still nothing so I call back and then tell me that since they did not have any drivers available they just sent the manager to make the delivery. Called the Manager who told me that he had given his motto driver my pizza because it was going to be faster. Finally 2 hours after I ordered my pizza it is delivered and guess what its cold. Now I have worked in the service industry outside of Haiti and I have lived many years in Haiti and I know that service is something that is not as highly valued here as in other countries. But 3 things Muncheez staff could have done to not have an irate customer.
    1- When I ordered they could have told me it would be a while and asked if I could pick it up instead
    2-When 35 min where up and they knew I would not be getting my pizza they could have called and said it would be a while longer
    3- Not lied to me when they said the driver was just leaving

    Now I have ordered from Muncheez before with no issues. Food arrived when they said it would and hot to boot. But seriously there were so many things that went wrong with this order that I felt the need to say something. Hopefully someone will read this and maybe something will change, but I doubt it.

  4. Jonise , 6 years ago

    The chicken wings were delicious! Oh and they have free wifi. That’s always a plus 🙂

  5. Haiti Travel Guy , 7 years ago

    This place is a nice central meeting spot. Everyone knows where it’s at. Good pizza, beer and burgers. Wings are good, but I have another special place for wings.

    A few to many NGO’s for me but there are plenty of locals. Good Dj and great owners who give a lot back to the communities. They have a nice outdoor seating area as well as an indoor AC area. There is also a nice private back room for birthday parties or special events. This is the place to be for the “pre-carnival” in PV.

  6. MyHaitiTravels , 7 years ago

    This place is great, definetely hit the spot. My cousin took me there and I was surprised at the menu, which was similar to those found in fast food places abroad. The wings are yummy, and the Crazy Bread was out of this world, made me feel like I was at a french patisserie.

    After pigging out on the first order I ordered another. A must to visit while in Haiti very casual atmosphere, quick, great service and reasonable prices.

    Mucheez satisfies the munchies!

  7. frantzso geneus , 8 years ago

    Muncheez yon kote nòmal relax, mwen renmen ale la paske li fre epi yo bay bon sèvis

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