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O Cases ( NOW CLOSED )

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Address : 12, Rue Mangones , Berthé, Pétion-Ville
Phone : +50922283865 / +50922283866 / +50922283867

Ice Cream Restaurants

6 Reviews

  1. sv , 6 years ago

    Really good , they have good fried chicken and the subs there are also good !!

  2. Carol , 6 years ago

    I ate at O Cases recently and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t have to wait nearly as long as another reviewer said for my burger and fries, and like she said they were great. I agree that the portion of fries was a bit small, but none were burnt on my plate. My husband got the fried chicken and let me taste it…. I traded 1/2 my burger for a piece of his chicken because I liked it so much! I didn’t think of it as greasy–it’s fried chicken. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the ice cream. You have to start with good milk to get good ice cream and there’s not much of that here. But the chocolate was better than the vanilla in my opinion. Nice, casual, family atmosphere. When I walked into the place where they make the sandwiches (which looks a lot like a Subway), it smelled so good, I can’t wait to order sandwiches and have them delivered.

  3. Marie-Lyne Thomas , 6 years ago

    O Case is a nice place to go especially if you have kids. The concept is really creative, 3 little hut with Ice Cream, Chicken and Subs.The menu is family and budget friendly. I’m not a big fan of their chicken but I love their ice cream menu. The last time I went there they added a bounce house so my son a very good time. When we consider that there’s so little things to do with kids in Haiti, this place is a very nice option.

  4. tgress , 6 years ago

    I recently ordered the “Kentucky” style fried chicken, and chicken wings. It was delivered to my house within 20 minutes of ordering. Forget Kentucky, if anyone is familiar with Publix fried chicken in Miami this is similar. The chicken was crispy and it was served with fries. My only complaint is that the chicken could have used some spices in the breading. Aside from salt I did not detect anything else. A blend of garlic, onion, pepper, and some paprika would bring it up to 5 stars.

    O Cases if you are reading this create your secret spice blend for the chicken and you will have a winning recipe! The “Colonel” used 11 herbs and spices.

  5. Tara , 6 years ago

    The waitresses were nice and in a pleasant mood, which is always a plus but I must say that the food did not really impress me in any way (yet I ate there thrice…go figure). There were only 2 people there when I went, but I had to wait a whole hour for a burger and fries -.- , the burger was good, nice and juicy with a touch of cilantro (yum). Apart from that, I loved the fact that I didn’t have to pay extra for 2 shots of barbancourt in my fruit juice. Also a plus, since I live in the PV area when I ordered for delivery the fee was waived, but the chicken is only basic fried and greasy chicken. And the could use an upgrade of fries: portions are very small and 1/3 burnt.

  6. Jean Bernard Francois , 6 years ago

    Really good , they have kentucky style chicken which i think that its even better then KFC , their subs are awesome . Peaceful , Relax restaurant in Petion-Ville


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