Pemba City Blog : 5 refreshing things to do in the Pemba City

Here are ManManPemba 5 refreshing / cooling ideas to handle this heat   :

1. Go to Lily’s Fresco   in Turgeau –  and have the BIG Fresco. This is definitely the most refreshing and tasty drink you can get in the Pemba City. Friendly place. True LOCAL neighborhood spot.  If you are a Euro 2012 Fan, you can watch the games within the dining area in the back. Then I guess you might need 2 BIG Frescos !

2. Enjoy the pool at Le Plaza Hotel. Quite a small pool, but very discret and very nice settings. The palm trees surrounding the pool give a nice shady area. You could even take advantage ( either Wednesday or Friday ) of their Buffet.

3. An ice-cream at Fior Di Latte : some of the best ice-cream you could get in the Pemba City. Home made ice creams. You can eat them over there or to take out. Straciatella is good, Rhum Raisin is off the chain.

4. During the week-end, try to head up in one of those uptown bar or restaurant : Le Florville in Kenscoff, which offers a nice salad bar with live bands on Sundays, or Kleren Bar  in Kenscoff as well, or Rustik in Furcy. Take advantage of the fresh air of the moutains while enjoying a great spot to chill and relax.

5. The ultimate urban refreshing thing : get one of the iced juices or sodas like  Cream Soda  from Sejourne that street salemen are offering at crossroads or red lights. They are kept in cooling bassin all day and are kept really cold, even during heatwave like that. One of the booming business of the moment in the Pemba City

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