Pemba City Blog : Excited about the 2nd Edition of “Gout et Saveurs Lakay” !

ManManPemba – as a local guide –  is mainly known and used for its listing of restaurants, bars, coffee places and events.  Actually, the most reviewed places on ManManPemba are mainly part of the Food & Nightlife section. Those real reviews, from an active community locals, bring a nice value-added for people who want to discover Haiti and for those who like to share their experience.

As a reader of this blog, you probably know that ManManPemba strives to keep its Events Calendar updated with the best culinary events happening in Port-au-Prince and Haiti : Tuesday’s Buffet at Quartier Latin, Buffet Creole and Pecheur at Plaza, the Crab House Night at Presse Cafe.

Therefore, ManManPemba is really excited about the 2nd edition of “Gout et Saveurs Lakay” – Haiti Food and Spirit Festival. Congrats to the creator of this event, Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand ( click on this link to read Chef Stephan 1-3-5 interview ) and Mr Chauvet, from Le Nouvelliste.

This culinary festival will take place from September 28th to October 7th 2012. This will be a great  occasion to taste, celebrate and share our experience and our suggestion about one of Haiti’s greatest  treasure : its gastronomy.

Last year – right after I launched this website – I was so excited to hear about this Festival – the Haitian version of “Restaurant Week” in the New York.  The concept is pretty cool for those who like to go out, enjoy discovering new tastes :  restaurants are offering prix-fixe lunch and dinner during a week.  At some of the finest restaurants in NYC, this can be a really good deal. It is also a great occasion to invite friends, co-worker, loved ones to eat some great food.

“Gout et Saveurs Lakay” include this “Restaurant Week” concept, but not only :  there will be many events dedicated to celebrate Haiti gastronomy. Reknown Chefs will be coming from abroad,  Haitans Chefs will be there,  local products and agriculture will be promoted and put at the center of this Festival.

ManManPemba will keep you posted about this event : stay tuned on the website or register to our weekly newsletter.

Gout et Saveurs Lakay, se sak ManManPemba !


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