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Pizza Garden

21 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel: +50928132200 / +50928132100
Adresse : 36, Rue Chavannes, Petion-Ville


PRICE : $$$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Trendy

PARKING : Street parking + a few spots inside

SPECIALTY :  Pizza. Crowded at night. Trendy place. Nice outdoor setting.


21 Reviews

  1. Alezkoumwen , 4 years ago

    Been coming to Garden for over ten years now. Lately I can honestly say the service is not at the quality it used to be.

  2. Ena Derenoncourt , 4 years ago

    The decor is nice. A lot of thought and effort was put into the renovation of this restaurant. All of that is wasted by the horrible service and the half decent food.

  3. Tashtuna , 5 years ago

    Bad service, long waiting, appetizers more expensive than normal plates, serving cold pizzas that taste less good than before. Never going to eat there again!

  4. fadou181 , 5 years ago

    It’s good

  5. Cor Lyce , 5 years ago

    Very slow service. I had to sit myself and the staff was very nonchalant about everything. Didn’t recommend anything not even the house specials…. Pizza wasn’t bad but the staff left a bad taste in my mouth

  6. Julia Rakhilskaya , 5 years ago

    ?, this is a very nice place! Great kitchen! Relaxing atmosphere and good service. You can have here business meetings, special holidays… And you can not wrong with the choice, if you want to have a nice evening!

  7. weldon_O , 5 years ago

    Lorsque j’étais plus jeune, Pizza Garden était l’endroit rêvé pour rencontrer ses amis. Un vendredi soir ou samedi soir, on était toujours sur d’y rencontrer des jeunes. On s’y sentait bien.
    Depuis les choses ont évoluées. Ce changement loin de me déplaire, puisque moi j’evoluais.
    Ce qui me déplaît c’est le service. Le service a la cliente est mauvais, Tres mauvais. L’attente est interminable, la pizza selon si on ne de la chance ou pas peut être excellente ou super mauvaise. ( A maintes reprises, j’ai eu l’impression qu’elle datait d’hier). Et le décor, beaucoup moins accueillant qu’avant. Il a éte rénové encore et encore, cependaz’t une dernière rénovation s’impose.
    A l’on humble avis, garden n’est plus ce qu’il était. On assiste a sa décadence. La dernier fois, j’ai du changer au moins 6 fois ma commande pour finalement avoir un verre de vin, puisqu’il n’avait guère ce dont je voulais.

  8. tianie224 , 5 years ago

    I loveeeeee this place not only because it brings so many childhood memories but because of their unique pizza. I love the pizza however the service is TERRIBLE……….the waiters are not trained, are rude and unwelcoming! However the place is constantly changing remodeling and improving, it is a nice atmosphere. I enjoy going there each and every time despite the bad service. I love their drinks, Lobey is my personal favorite! The pizza is the best pizza and I’ve had my share of pizzas!It’s not comparable to any other pizzas! I simply love my pizza “chasseur” !Heard from others that the food is good, but personally I’ve only had pizza from Pizza Garden!Please improve the customer service and you will get 6 stars from me!!!!!

  9. Ashley STeeve Edouard , 6 years ago

    one of the best place to go to a date

  10. jean Samuel fils-aime , 6 years ago

    It’s great!!!

  11. Saida Songz-graham , 6 years ago

    Pizza garden is a part of my life. I cant even remember how many birthdays I celebrated here and how many birthday parties I attended here. In my opinion the service is better now, back in the days it used to take so long now it’s faster. But I don’t really like the pizzas anymore they are getting more salty day after day. My favorite things on the menu right now are the “poulet chasseur” and the “steak au poivre”.

  12. Shreview , 6 years ago

    Everyone in Haiti knows that Pizza garden is the place to go for delicious pizza and pasta! But service can also make a person not wanna go back there. The wait is wayyyyyy too long, some waitresses are very rude, there’s no parking, and the food is overpriced !!! I tried calling several times to pre-order and not have to wait an hour for the food but they say the owner blocked incoming calls. Not good! The decor is very beautiful but when it rains, water splashes on you and your food when seated on that wooden deck near the windows. Overall, food is good and all but the cons outweigh the pros!

  13. Emmanuelle Deryce , 6 years ago

    Just bought 2 large pizzas to go at Pizza Garden, had to wait even when i arrived 1hr after i ordered (when ordering i was told that it would take 30mns) and when i got home, wouldn’t u know it?!?! I was given two medium pizzas in two large boxes. This is utterly RIDICULOUS!!!! This is a place i grew up going to but i have endured years of bad service from them but this is the last straw. I don’t think they will see me anytime soon.

  14. Bouffista , 7 years ago

    Check out Bouffista’s post on Pizza Gardens at http://bouffista.blogspot.com/2012/10/pizza-gardens-port-au-prince-haiti.html


  15. Haiti Travel Guy , 7 years ago

    This place is a for sure a fixture in Petionville for Pizza.

    Even though i’ve said it before, pizza is a challenge in Haiti. Pizza Garden has great pasta dishes and lasagna. Great place for private parties and very nice decor. Warning for visitors to Haiti, dining is not cheap in Haiti, and pizza is no exception. What is often thought of as last minute inexpensive meal for the family in the US can be $25 or more for a large here in Haiti.

    Sometimes we’ve gone here just for drinks late. They have a nice bar area where you can visiti.

  16. Lovesun Parent , 7 years ago

    Pizza Garden definitely holds a special place in the hearts of it’s Petion-Ville patrons. In many ways it’s a staple of the city. My most recent visit there took me back to my childhood. In the Haitian context…this is a place for pizza and other Italian goodies. For an afternoon lunch with mom, I ordered the lasagna and she had some shrimp dish. I must say…it was the best lasagna I’ve had in Haiti. The servings are a bit on the small side…but that’s ok for those of us watching what we eat while on vacation. The ambiance is relaxing, there’s lots of shade to keep you out of the hot sun. The service is good although the wait is a bit long. As far as the price, it’s affordable, but a bit on the higher end side. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant for at least a try if you’re visiting Petion-Ville.

  17. Caroline , 7 years ago

    Pizza garden really is about the tradition. If you grew up going there you’ll have a soft spot for this place even if the pizza doesn’t actually taste like pizza and will take forever to get serve. I’m not a big fan of the modern decor. This place had a very homely feel to it which it lost. Now it just feels very generic to me. And yes it’s overpriced, but did I mention that I have a soft spot for this place? Old habits die hard 🙂

  18. Turd Fergusson , 7 years ago

    If you are going to name your restaurant after something you serve, you should actually make sure you KNOW how to cook your namesake. The pizza at Mucheez is much better. The “pizza” they serve is a step below generic grocery store frozen pizza. The pizza (and all other menu items) is terribly over-priced. The atmosphere is awesome. The outdoor patio is an awesome chill spot, but the service is bad by any standard and again, overpriced. In the one time we went there, our vehicle was broken into, also. Did I mention it is over-priced?

  19. Betina , 7 years ago

    I loved Pizza Garden as a child growing up in Haiti but the Pizza Garden that I knew no longer exist. Last year in June of 2011 I went there and the service was horrible, food cold, no change, and was overpriced. I said to myself I would never come back. After much convincing from my husband I decided to return to Pizza Garden while we were in Haiti visiting friend and family this past February 2012. Again the service was horrible & long, food was cold, waiter was bringing us food we did not order, and the place ended up costing ust $140 US. I hate to say it the management needs to change and I personally will never return. I have discovered many new restaurants in Haiti while on my trip and even had a better experience eating chen janbe. I give this place 1 star for the decor only.

  20. N-Jee16 , 8 years ago

    The service there is too long! not effective!!!! i really hope they fixed that!

  21. Marie-Jyne J. , 8 years ago

    Pizza Graden is a tradition for my generation, perfect place for birthdays, first date etc…And the most important the best pizza ever.


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