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Prestige Beer

10 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Prestige Beer is brewed in Haiti and is the only Haitian made beer.

You find Prestige everywhere,  at all time. Go check their Facebook Page and Twitter account, they are having great commercials.

Haitian Flavor

10 Reviews

  1. Stanley Tilus , 7 years ago

    The best beer in the world BIG UP

  2. Karl Arthur , 8 years ago

    Bwe prestige…C’est la fierté d’Haiti

  3. Rene Fils Angus , 8 years ago

    J’etais perdu dans le desert,
    J’avais faim et soif
    Ma langue commencait a desecher
    Je regardai vers le ciel
    Qd j’apercu une bouteille qui parachatu
    J’ai voulu d’abord croire que c’etait un reve, un mirage;
    Mais en realite ce fut une prestige qui voulu me sauver, m’alterer ma soif.
    La manne de ce jour me fut un miracle, une merveilleuse histoire parce qu’en realite qd j’en sursauta j’etais dns un bar sans plus un sou assoiffe et affame.et une diva par sa generosite m’offra une biere, non une prestige qui me remis dns tout mes etats heureux et bien kanpe.

  4. Carl-Olivier Pierre , 8 years ago

    Prestige= La Bierre d’Haïti | Manman Penba= Tout sur notre prestigieuse Haïti! Enben m’ap Tuip sou Manman Pemba Ak on Bon Prestige nan men’m!

  5. Saïda V. Dabel , 8 years ago

    Prestige have an original and unique taste from the first sip to the last one , It reveals all your senses and transport you to a world full of delighfull flavors , no wonder why it won the world beer cup in 2000 !
    Prestige is more than just a beer , prestige is a haitian beer , prestige is a local production , prestige is a part of us & prestige is always here in celebrations, so on

  6. widemarck , 8 years ago

    Manman pemba fe’m kembe prestige mwen

  7. Hugues Junior Sebastien Dorcely , 8 years ago

    prestige est la bierre d’Haiti,la meilleure biere,Drink it fait de la personne un vrai Haitien

  8. kendy , 8 years ago

    Prestige is the best beer to drink,it’s keeps life interesting.When you want to feel good remember Prestige is the way..Yon Prestige bien frape and there you have it..Prestige mete’m cool …you can find it anywhere,in the next corner.Definitely Prestige is the beer!

  9. Patrick Romulus aka toujoula , 8 years ago

    Byè PRESTIGE lan se sak manmanpemba!!!

  10. Maureen B , 8 years ago

    I love beer and I have to say Prestige is my favorite beer. No matter where I go, Prestige is honestly my go-to drink. I can find it anywhere from the best restaurant in Petion-Ville to the street vendors around the corner. When I lived in New York, I specifically searched for a bodega that carried Prestige, and I found one. Prestige is best when the bottle is frosted, Haitian people call that a “chemizèt”. I will be traveling soon and I am not looking forward to drinking any other beer than a Prestige and I really should not have to 😉

    • Valerie , 7 years ago

      Where in ny had you found the prestige? I can’t find it anywhere


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