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Quartier Latin

18 reviews READ REVIEWS Details

Tel :  +50934603326
Adressse : 10, Rue Goulard, Place Boyer, Petion-Ville

Croquis : ©Jerome Agostini – www.lescarnets.fr


PRICE : $$$

AMBIENCE :  Casual, Business, Intimate

SPECIALTY :  Excellent brasserie style place, in the heart of Petion-Ville. Service is good and outdoor settings is extremely nice. The restaurant is open 7/7.  Quartier Latin  has  Sunday Brunch, where you can enjoy delicious egg benedicts. Their Burgers for Lunch are excellent ( some ManManPemba reviewers rank their Cheesburgers as the best in town : read the Pemba City Blog Post by clicking this link).


18 Reviews

  1. heidi newman , 2 years ago

    Nice place. Nice service in generql. Food is good. But please, tell this nice waiter that she doesn’t have to kiss client’s boyfriends to be welcoming. It s embarassing, and clients don’t have to be friends.

    • ajeremie , 2 years ago

      Although I do not represent the restaurant, I would like to defend Haitian culture, which is very similar to the French in that we greet people, especially people with whom we are familiar with one or two kisses. Perhaps you should tell your boyfriend not to accept these embraces. Please do not take offense to our cultural conventions.

  2. Bryan Gonzales , 4 years ago

    Probably one of the best places to take a large group in PV service is always excellent and if you going on a Thursday night live band strikes up a great tune!

  3. Hoang , 4 years ago

    Great restaurant.

  4. Si Do Dinh , 4 years ago

    Nice place

  5. Karine , 4 years ago

    Went there last saturday, september 5, 2015, I ordered the bavette de boeuf and it was delicious. They have a great service too. I highly recommend this place.

  6. Jean Pierre , 5 years ago

    went there june 28th 2014 the food was that “I would not go back again”. I ordered the goat it overpowered by the so called tomato sauce. the price I paid was not worth it. the service was lackluster.

  7. tgress , 6 years ago

    I’ve been to this restaurant many times but refrained to give a review until now. The food is good, the decor is nice, the entertainment is good, it has a nice vibe. I want to keep going back however, service leaves much to be desired. At night it is better, but during the day it’s just hit or miss.

    The service really depends on which waiter you are assigned. I have had surly waiters who would not bring the menu to the table let alone bring us a glass of water. I have had waiters who just forgot to serve us our food while the table next to us that was empty had customers come, order, and almost finish, then our waiter shows up saying “oh I thought they brought the food to you”. Regardless of whether someone may be having a bad day, the basic service expected from a waiter at a restaurant is just lacking and that is the fault/responsibility of the manager.

    Quartier Latin, please train your staff better to serve everyone regardless of what they look like, or who they are. They need to know the menu especially the specials well without having to keep going back to the kitchen to ask what is in it. They need to be courteous and attentive, meaning while you have a pot of water and refill one table, go around your other tables to see if anyone else needs water. Bring the rolls to the table without being asked, and finally a smile is the least you can manage when talking to the customer. Make us want to stay and come back.

    I would still recommend the restaurant.

  8. FJ , 6 years ago

    I have tried really hard to like this place.- mainly because I know so many people who do… but this month I have made up my mind! I’ve had my share of bad service but when owners are around and still allows this to happen …I just don’t get it.
    Be a bit more welcoming guys it will only help your business. Other than that the bread rolls are nice and warm.

    • William W. Evans III , 6 years ago

      Reply to FJ…..Brasserie Quartier Latin’s owners are very responsive…so if you need a special welcome, or special attention, or special service, or are not happy with something…ask nicely to speak with the owner Miriam and she will fix it.

  9. Bouffista , 7 years ago

    I am a blogger, Bouffista!

    Check out my full and detailed review of Quartier Latin on http://bouffista.blogspot.com/2012/11/quartier-latin-port-au-prince-haiti.html

    You can also find my page on FB, Bouffista 🙂

  10. Sophia Larose , 7 years ago

    Quartiers latin is a beautiful and quiet place where you can eat.I ‘ve ate twice over there and it was very delicious. It’s one of my favorite restaurant in PV

  11. Mizou , 7 years ago

    I don’t think Quartier Latin’s regular menu is superb. I do think that the attempts to bring other “ethnic foods” to Haiti is marvelous. I love the Indonesian buffet, the Indian buffet and I am looking forward to trying out their latest Thai buffet especially since Look-Nun’s no longer exists. They are also introducing new paninis to their lunch menu. I heard that the lobster was not so fresh so I will stick with trying the griot. The entertainment, decor and drinks are very good. Sadly, I found a staple in my food once and spoke with the owner who was apologetic but did not offer to comp my meal or “rectify” the situation at all. In any other market, that would be unheard of. A coupon, comped meal, ticket to upcoming event….drinks on the house – anything would be expected in such a situation.

  12. Diana Pierre-Louis , 7 years ago

    This is hands down my favorite restaurant that I’ve ate at so far in Haiti. It is charming, historical, romantic and delicious. The service is always good and always great food. I love the notes on the walls in the bathroom from visitors. It shows how much people love Haiti.

  13. MyHaitiTravels , 7 years ago

    Quartier Latin did not disappoint, we had an escargot appetizer that was divine, so much so that we ordered two more orders for the table. The food was delicious! I would highly recommend this place for a quiet dinner, reconnecting with friends or relaxing in the outdoor garden.

  14. Anne Olivia de Batansky , 7 years ago

    Cadre vraiment exceptionnel. Cuisine relativement basique. Ne m’a pas épaté. Ambiance musicale quotidienne intéressante.

  15. Cedric Brandt , 7 years ago

    Good place to have meetings, work and benefit from the WIFI !

  16. kerby georges , 8 years ago

    Quartier Latin est un cadre attrayant en Haiti pour tous ceux qui veulent deguster un bon plat. J’y ai mange en maintes occasions c’est vraiment de la classe

  17. Marie-Jyne J. , 8 years ago

    Je ne paeux pas dire que j’adore la cuisne du quartier latin, j’y ai mangé a plusieurs reprises mais je n’ai pas trouve mon coup de coeur la bas. Par contre le cadre des tres agreable, le staff tres professionel et ils organisent parfaois tres ambiances tres interessantes.

  18. Jakobitz Joshua , 8 years ago

    Quartier Latin is our favorite restaurant in Petion-ville. The owners are so nice and accommodating – always checking in with you at your table. Great service. The parking security is much-appreciated since most spaces on are the street.


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