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Sunrise Airways

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Tel : +50928112222  / + 50928160615  /  + 50928160616
Address : Aerogare Guy Malary   / Port-au-Prince

Transport Company

7 Reviews

  1. Daniela Felix , 1 year ago

    It’s not a good experience with this airline I can’t find no one’s to communicate to change a reservation. Two weeks I keep trying

  2. ajeremie , 1 year ago

    I booked a flight with Sunrise from Port-au-Prince to Havana, Cuba for $450. My flight was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. I arrived by 6:30 a.m. to the airport, I checked a bag and went through security. At 7:50 a.m. the passengers began to line-up by the stewardesses booth under the impression that we would begin boarding. At 8:10 a.m. the stewardesses told us in Spanish: “Tranquila. Tome asiento” or “Calm down. Take a seat”. We made an inference that there would be a short delay perhaps because they have to clean the aircraft. Two hours went by without an update from the stewardesses or an announcement on the loudspeaker. Each time a passenger asked for an update, there was no information provided. At 11:34, I Whatsapp’d my mother and asked her if she could contact Sunrise Airways on my behalf. I gave her my flight number. When she called the Dominican location, she said that it did not even sound like a real business. It sounded like she had called someone’s house. The representative could not explain the delay to her. It was not until she called the U.S. location that they told her that the flight was canceled. I relayed this information to the Cuban passengers. I thought to myself that we will probably get on a later flight. Closer to 1 o’clock, the stewardess called me forward asking to see my boarding pass and passport. I am thinking that we have begun boarding procedures. But when I saw her write my name down on a white piece of scrap paper, I called my mother again to ask what is happening. My mother called Sunrise and they said that they were now putting the passengers up in hotels because there will be no flights to Havana for the rest of the day. They did not give us a specific flight time for the next day or the name of the hotel. I made the decision not to continue with the new flight because I just did not have enough time nor did I trust the company at that point. I should have paid more attention to the fact that these stewardesses had no technology when I checked in. By no technology, I mean there was no computer, no system. They checked us in on a tablet. Once we got to the gate (if you could call it a gate), they were equipped with an old model of a Motorola walkie-talkie and their cellphones. When I contacted Sunrise Airways for a full refund, at first, they tried to tell me that all tickets are non-refundable and that they would issue a voucher. But when I said that the cancellation was their fault, they said they would fill out a form to request the refund but that, if approved, it would take at least 90 days. I went ahead and filed a dispute with my credit card.

    A word of advice: Do not fly Sunrise. It is a fraudulent company.

  3. Friendley Mars , 1 year ago

    When I first travelled aboard sunrise on a local flight from Port au Prince to Cap-Haitian. The service was perfect. I’m taking another flight in november on sunrise.

  4. Nicolas Nick Perez , 2 years ago


    Unfortunately, I got a really bad experience with Sunrise at the PaP International Airport on my latest trip PaP-Cuba.

    I purchased my ticket online and was told to get my Cuba Tourism Visa/Card before leaving: this card will be available at the Airline counter I was told and this is standard procedure for Cuba (just a question of purchasing at entry visa).

    My flight was at 8:30am and I arrived before 6am just to be sure.
    I arrived early at the airport, and was told they did not have anymore cards left (?!?!) and nothing… They told me I cold not enter Cuba without it but did not offer any help or anything ….

    So, I insisted and said I could get one from the other airport (national airport).

    I rushed to find a car to go to the other airport where I was told the person in charge would arrive “later”… as the time advance and nothing…

    “Bientot, bientot, presque presque” … I was being told … NOTHING!!

    SO I decided I was not going to loose my trip, went back to International airport, still ZERO assistance, and got on the flight to Havana.

    Of course I got into all sort of problem arriving in Cuba without proper Entry Visa (“you should have gotten it by the airline…” )
    After 4.5 hours of waiting at Cuban customs and 85$ later (instead of 25$ that would have cost at Sunrise counter) I finallywas able to go meet my family in Cuba.

    Upon my return, I try to get a hold of someone at Sunrise but never manage to get someone…

    If someone has a contact at Sunrise please share with me,



  5. beauboeufg , 5 years ago

    Why have you choose to increase your price for local flight inside of haiti??at this price don’t your think that people would prefer to go to Miami?

  6. Lynn Gann , 6 years ago

    I recently had the pleasure of flying with Sunrise Airways in Haiti. The service was excellent and the flight on time. I would recommend Sunrise for your travel needs in Haiti.

  7. Chris Walch , 6 years ago

    I recently flew Sunrise Airways for the first time after reading about them online. I was able to easily book online unlike the other airlines here. When I got to the airport in PAP I was greeted by the warm counter staff and checked in. While I waited I was offered a free coffee and even wifi..totally un heard of here…the flight was on time, the flight crew greeted us when we boarded and when we landed on CAP… all in all I have to say I was impressed and a bit surprised to find this service in Haiti. I will use them again on my next business trip.


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