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Transport Chic

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Phone : +50928110924
Address : 71, Rue Oswald Durand ( En face Stade Sylvio Cator ), Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Transport Company

5 Reviews

  1. Dominique Villeneuve , 9 months ago

    Nous avons utilisé Transport Chic aller-retour de Port-au-Prince à les Cayes. Très bon voyage et bon service. Nous avions prévu arriver tôt pour notre départ à 10h00 et comme le trafic n’a pas été aussi lourd qu’on avait imaginé on est parti deux heures plus tôt que prévu. Aussitôt arrivé, on a dit que notre départ était prévu pour 10h00 (billets achetés la veille comme conseillé) et on nous a offert à prendre le prochain départ. Nous sommes donc partis deux heures plus tôt que prévu. Et pour le retour ce fut une heure plus tôt que prévu de retour de l’Ile à Vache. Il faut prévoir aller au toilette avant le départ parce les arrêts sont peu nombreux et de très courte durée. Ça y va par là comme dirait ma mère. Merci Transport Chic. Continuez votre beau travail. On ne fait pas toujours mieux que cela au Canada.

  2. ajeremie , 9 months ago

    I am so sad to have to leave this review for a Haitian-owned company; however, I must provide accurate information for future patrons. The name of this company exemplifies irony. In other words, there was nothing “chic” about the experience nor the passengers. Per the policy, my mother and I purchased roundtrip tickets from PAP to Les Cayes in advance. Moreover, we arrived at the station more than an hour in advance of our departure time of 7h30. Upon arrival to the PAP station at 5h45, we saw a group of people standing with their luggage in an outdoor waiting area without chairs. We took up a position near what one would call a driveway. I inquired into the location of the bathroom and the male attendant pointed down a cement hallway. The restroom floor was wet, smelled of human waste, and provided neither toilet paper nor hand soap. In short, it was an indoor outhouse. I returned to the waiting area to witness a mad dash inside. I decided to go inside and find out why this was since there was no announcement made. I stood in line for 30 minutes to find out that this was the line to purchase tickets and to check-in. This means that there is no point in purchasing tickets in advance. The female attendant at the counter told me that I had to acquire tags for our luggage. I asked her where and she just pointed outside. One man sat behind a wooden table and handwrote the tags. Then, I had to find another man to staple them to the bags. Finally, it was time to board. There are two main points of irony with this company. The first is that there are no official Transport Chic rest stops along the way. The driver stops by the side of the road and tells you to urinate in a banana field that may or may not be privately owned. At the same time, there is a dress code that does not allow athletic wear or sleeveless shirts. I refuse to wear a suit and tie to relieve myself outside. The second point of irony is the luggage policy. Each passenger is permitted one free 15-kg bag. Additional or overweight bags are charged 250 gourdes each. The reality is that they allow men and women with multiple sacks of rice and plastic laundry bags filled with miscellaneous items on the bus while they harrassed my mother and I about our beach bags. Upon our return from Les Cayes, they tried to load a bus that looked like the Nissan Van circa 1970s while there was a beautiful modern stagecoach parked right next to it. Needless to say, I waited for the next departure for the modern, air-conditioned coach bus. Furthermore, the driver picked up people on the way to PAP who sat in the aisle without having paid because I did not witness a transaction of tickets or payment. As for unloading the luggage at the PAP station, it was so chaotic because impatient passengers were trying to recover their own luggage rather than let the handlers do their job. The owners of Transport Chic must understand that the route from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes is essential for many reasons. The first is because PAP is the first stop for most visitors to the country. Secondly, Transport Chic is part of the greater tourist industry of Les Cayes/Ile-A-Vache, which means that one’s experience with Transport Chic can either negatively or positively impact other businesses that rely on the transportation industry to attract and retain clients. As a Haitian living in Haiti, I declare that I will no longer patronize Transport Chic and I will definitely find an alternative for my travels to the South.

  3. Pharmamelia Haiti , 1 year ago

    ZERO BARé!!!!! Imajinew en tant que yon entreprise, map esaye voye yon colli au cayes poum fe COMPANIE YO AN FE LAJAN, mwen rele yo poum mande yon infomasyon,c est comme si m tap deranje yo epi yo femin telephone lan sou mwen en deux fois. PURE TINTINADE!!! ZEROfor ratings

  4. BENJAMIN , 2 years ago

    Grosse déception pour cette compagnie de transport pour un voyage Les Cayes vers Port au Prince. Départ prévu à 11h30, nous sommes partis à 12h30 avec 1h de retard. Nous sommes donc arrivé vers 17h00 tous affamé car nous ne pouvions pas manger dans le bus et pas d’arrêt de prévu durant ce voyage hormis un arrêt pour allez aux toilettes. La qualité des sièges sont très inconfortable. La cerise sur le gâteau, le personnel accompagnant dans le bus très désagréable et autain avec la clientèle. J’ai donc chercher en vain le rapport avec le nom de cette société et la réalité du trajet… bref très mauvaise expérience de voyage.

  5. Gordon Kirk , 2 years ago

    Nan Kreole: CHIC se youn bon bagay! Bon sevis, bus sa prop, chofe yo pruden, sage. Machin yo nan bon eta, en form! Mwe vwayaje ak CHIC anpil fwa! No problem! Si wout sa move, chofe yo konduit byen. Kounye-a se $10.00 U.S., piy-i ! Si ou genyen anpil malets yo Ou kapab paye kob anko men le Ou monte nan Bus CHIC, Ou gen konfo, sekurite, pou ale nan Cayes (Cavaillon, St Louis de Sud, Aquin, etc). Chofe pa sel, li genyen asosie avek li pou kontrole kalite nan bus sa. (Wi, yo bay “stop” pou konfor osi.)
    Don’t hesitate to travel on CHIC Buses! They are clean, A/C cooled, comfortable, driven by competent and professional Chauffeurs with an assistant aboard. mechanically well cared for by my experience during numerous trips November – Dec 2015. Always on time but never driving too fast. If weather or other conditions prevail the Chauffeurs that I have been with have avoided excessive speed, always keeping the vehicle under control. They would rather be slightly late and safe! The CHIC bus Stations are clean, the staff are courteous and helpful. If you have more than two bags or very heavy bags you may pay extra however the 2015 price is $10.00 U.S. one way! There is one “rest station” at Tiz Market in Miragoane, I advise that passengers travel after caring for toilet needs. For my money there is no better service available. The schedule is 7 days weekly starting at 7:00am through to evening, perhaps 9:00pm. If travelling late make sure of availability in advance as CHIC must adjust to traffic conditions that are sometimes challenging into and out of Port-au-Prince. This is a good, high quality bus service into the south of Haiti from Port-au-Prince. I highly recommend CHIC and will continue to be their repeat customer.


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