Tuesday 1-3-5 : ( April 17th ) Xavier Delatour, graphic designer

MMPB : Hi Xavier. Can you introduce yourself the readers of the Pemba City Blog ?

Xavier : 32 ans , Graphic Design / Art Director / Artist / Activiste , I’m a graphic designer / Art director at Blue Mango studios. My hobbies are listening to music,  marauding the internet ( gotta stay connected to the world) , planing parties for Rustik Sound System , work on my  clothing line, spend time at my music studio ( WaveMaster® studio) and relaxing when my brain lets me.

MMPB : You participated to the logo and slogan contest organized by Ministry of Tourism. Can you tell us why you decided to participate, why you liked this idea and according to you, what are the main challenges to make this rebranding campaign a success ?

Xavier : Well, branding Haiti has been my dream project along with working for NIKE ever since i was in school. My mother worked at the Ministère when i was a kid and i remember vividly all the projects they use to take on to promote Haiti, back then we actually had tourists who were not NGOs. I spent time in workshops about country branding and have done extensive research on the subject. As if this was gonna be a test one day. I’ve gone over so many other country brands, i check out the country brand index every year and see what these countries are doing to handle their brand. Australia has the number one country brand. It’s not based on who has the better logo but that is a part of it. When i heard of the contest I was happy because I knew a lot of people would participate, i just hope that the people dont take it personal as we Haitians tend to do too often and still back up the effort even if they didn’t win or their friend didn’t win. I actually have 4 entries and that’s after i narrowed it down to 4 i have about 12 to 15 others on my computer..

In order for this to work, it’s gonna take a lot of work. From the choice of the right logo to the implementation. When i say the right logo that doesn’t mean the prettiest, but the one that works best. It has to be universal . In the sens that a lot of people have to accept it. Meaning it can’t be too religious, it cant be too categorical i guess, where a group will identify and another wont. This logo really has to have respect for everybody. We tend to do that a lot,  where if we like something and relate to it, that its the right thing. No. that ‘s not how it works, it has to be something that we all Haitians can accept and agree that it can represent us as a nation. so sure you want a vèvè on it, you want a cross, you want purple, you want green… ok but how about this guy who doesn’t want a cross to represent him cause thats not what he identifies with? the logo has to be able to be accepted by both. It’s also a communication tool. So it has to be welcoming and speak to others from other backgrounds who might not know squat about Haiti other then what they see in the news.

I really hope the panel makes the right choice and anticipate the size of the challenge before them. If this fails its gonna be tough to re-introduce.

MMPB : Could you please share with us, for each of your proposals, the rationale behind it, the process that you went through to design those logos ? What are they representing, what did you want to show ?

Xavier :

Choublak: The choublak has always been part of Haiti’a identity in the past. It used to be found everywhere and is still around for the most part, bu I think they are endangered because of a virus. It’s a unique flower. it’s good for you when you have a could with some lemon and honey. It’s beautiful to look at/ it got its name from then marine invasion when the soldiers used to use it to clean their boots. thus the name Shoe Black ” choublak” i thought it could be strong graphically as well. Something people would notice. It speaks to everybody.




The heart of Haiti: This is my favorite. For so many reasons, but lets keep it short…lol it’s love, pur and simple. Its what i put into designing this, it’s what i feel when i hear Haiti. But as a communication tool it’s great in my opinion. Some people might say it’s too simple it should have something more. I think it works. Love is universal. The heart symbol is universal to the world. Anybody in the world sees this and they know what it means. it means love Haiti. add a I and it says I love haiti, ad a Yo in spanish and it says the same and that works for any language. it’s very easy to reproduce with is also very important. People can easily take part  in the campaign. Draw a heart wich everybody can do and writ out Haiti with the heart crossing the H. tout moun ladan, tout moun ka patisipe. It might not appeal to somebody who is looking for something pretty, which i feel is 50% percent of people voting the other 50 are voting for friends regardless if the logo works or not. but technically speaking it’s a great logo. Because of how versatile it is it leaves a lot fo space for supporting graphics which means you can do more. Options are always a good thing.


The tap tap: This logo I like because of the double meaning. It looks like a tap-tap which tourist love, whenever people in other countries see a pic of one they are fascinated, and it reads out AYITI, in the phonetic way. So anybody can read it with the correct prononciation. The tap tap is the means of transportation of most haitians, it take them from point A to point B. It’s a metaphor for life for Haitian , life: all of us in the same car going about our lives that is way more interconnected then we realize. I like this logo its fun and refreshing and different from anything else in the contest.





Xavier 5 fav spots in Haiti and PaP :

Rustik Furcy: Its nice spot in Furcy where you can go to relax and enjoy nature. Great vibe.

Magdoos: Nice place, love the setting and the host are welcoming. The food is great and affordable. I love the outside setting, good use of the space.

Decoralis: It’s an antic store. lol you can find really nice stuff their. I like the fact that the things in their carry a history with them. Like getting a second chance. It’s smell old in their. I love finding things and seeing the potential in things and seeing beyond what in fornt of you. I guess that place is like a design exercise.

La Florita ( Jacmel) I love that place. It feel like it has so much history there. The brick wall, the neighborhood its in, Great place. The vibe is really cool also. An artist hang out. they have this amazing stair case made from metal and an old scale handing from a tree. I think that’s my favorite thing there.

Le Picolet ( Cap Haitian) Nice small hotel on the boulvard in Cap Haitian. The ladies that work their are nice and welcoming. The food is very good they have these amazing pork chops aux échalotte. yum. The rooms are nice comfortable. Thats my go to spot in Cap.

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  1. Samuel Buissereth , 7 years ago

    Congratulations Xavier!!!!!! You are a fantastic designer keep up the great work!!!!
    Bel Bagay Net!!!!!


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