Tuesday 1-3-5 ( Feb 28th ) : Steves J Bryan

MMPB :  Tu as sorti ta mixtape en Décembre 2011. Pour les outsiders et novices, c’est quoi une mixtape ? Qu’est ce qui différencie une mixtape d’un album et pourquoi avoir produit une mixtape plutôt qu’un album ?

Steve J Bryan :  Hey Wussup It’s a real pleasure for me to be with ManmanPemba today lol and Express myself once more for my fans.  Congratulations for this fabulous magazine u guys just keep it up! It’s very positive. ( MMPB : Well, thanks a lot ! and thanks for being with MMPB today 😉

A mix tape is usually underground and not promoted by a record company, and usually features other artists or other artist’s beats. An album is released through a record company. Over the years, the differences between a mixtape and an album have been smoothed out by various factors. However, here are some differences that have somewhat held true:

1.    A mixtape is (usually) free
2.    A mixtape (historically) has less structure and sounds more like a collection of random songs than a collection of songs that fit a theme.
3.    A mixtape can be an assortment of original and cover songs or songs done over the instrumentals of other songs.
4.    A mixtape typically sounds more “fun” and “spontaneous”
5.    A mixtape typically does not have “singles” or in general songs intended for the radio
6.    A mixtape is typically used to build up buzz for an upcoming album or in general to create awareness for an artist.
7.    A mixtape may have whole songs contributed by a number of artists.
8.    Artist features on mixtapes, many times, tend to be based on favors, relationships and friendships as opposed to full blown contracts

But as we can see most of the upcoming artist nowadays are usually known from mixtape and hits that made it to the radio, like Drake did with so far gone!, but back to me lol, besides the fact of wanting to prove myself that I can do it (rap)  on no matter the subject and type of beat  because I do believe in potentials as a rapper and getting a buzz , pleasing fans friends that believe in my lyrical skills. I indeed made to announce the world about bigger stuff that are coming soon. My ALBUM!

Why didn’t I make an album instead? My plans for the album are way bigger and the concept very deep so I decided to exercise my skills on a few beat.


MMPB : Tu es animateur TELE sur Canal Bleu. Peux tu nous parler du parcours de cette émission (depuis quand elle existe,…), qu’est ce que cette émission représente pour toi, et comment tu vois l’avenir de Kom Si Wow ?

Steve J Bryan : Kom Si Wow started on the 7th of July 2009 I think no, it’s in 2008.  It’s funny how I’ve grown lol.. But the show is to me what my soul is to my body,  it means a lot it’s a way to see the youth point of view  besides I only host the show the ones who really been making it are the artists and the ones who’ve been watching since the start ,their experience their thoughts and  their  every single emotion have been our subject. The show was meant to educate people while laughing about  their mistake because to us laughter is a sign of growth of joy, that’s y we ‘’ TRIP ANPILSOU MOUN YO’’ we don’t judge we just make people realize what’s really but in a couple of years wow …I Honestly, I don’t  want to make any predictions but every day we work Hard to keep on coming with what’s true and good , so hopefully we might be one of the most successful show in the country.

MMPB : Quels sont tes projets et même tes rêves pour 2012, sur le plan musical et personnel ?

Steve J Bryan : For this Year well as a rapper/entrepreneur musically I gonna finish building my Label (website under construction ) know I gonna work hard to get sign and represent my country through my talent all over the world – one of my dream is to become one of the greatest Rappers of all time so thank god I started early lol .Here is a link To the mixtape http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/steves-j-bryan-on-blast-mixtape.38684.html

Les 5 endroits préférés de Steve en Haiti :

Before I start I would love to let u know that everywhere I mostly go in Haiti, I always feel home because there are so many beautiful places I make sure my aura takes over where I am therefore I think Haiti has a lot of beautiful places to discover  lol but my five favorite places are :

1)      My House. Why? Cause it aint no place like Home that’s where I do the magic, and discover lots of stuff.’

2)       My Job Canal Bleu/ High MINd Entertainment : I think I love working and improving my self

3)     Karibe :  Its Very Relaxing ova there and the food is great there i have a passion for hotels/restaurants in general I think I’ll build one

4)      Fitzone :  Best spot ever if u wanna train your muscles and I love my body so I train to stay in shape (like geometrical forms lol)

5)      Seguin : Wow Seguin is a paradise the air is nice and it’s a life changing experience to climb the hills and plant a seed 🙂

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  1. Gregg , 8 years ago

    Way to go, Steves!!!
    Congrats, waiting for the album.
    I really appreciate those tracks (must be on the album)
    1. Mind Elevation with Mikaelle (my favorite, it’s more because of her, lol! you know…galanterie oblige)
    2. Fantastic
    3. Game of hearts
    Keep it up!!


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