Tuesday 1-3-5 ( July 16th ) : O-Gun


ManManPemba is glad that O-Gun accepted to be part of the Tuesday 1-3-5 interviews series for this Summer 2013. You can follow him at @Ogunation on Twitter and Instagram. Scroll down too to view his latest video – StripTease. Feel freel to comment the blog post too.

MMPB : Hi O-Gun, can you introduce yourself for the readers of the Pemba City Blog , and tell us since when you are in the music business ?

O-Gun : I’m one of the singers in Team Lobey. I’m 25 yrs old.  I’m a song writer, singer, rapper and producer. I started making music at a very young age. I recorded my first song when I was 15. I started off with my cousin Freedom, in Freedom army, and been at it since.

MMPB : If you could cite 3 artists/musicians who are your main source of inspiration/reference, and why ? What are you listening to in general ?

O-Gun : Bruno Mars : I really love his style and story telling. He’s an all around artist that I really like.
Bob Marley :  a legend and one of my main inspirations. I’ve been listening to Bob Marley since I was a kid and it was the Legend CD that was the first cd I actually bought in my life.
Michael Jackson : definitely one of my biggest inspirations, also he was an all around amazing artist and performer.  These guys definitely inspire me to make good music.

Nowadays, I listen to Bruno Mars,  Trey Songz, Drake. I really love R&B, and alternative such as Nickel Back, Maroon 5, etc but I also love my hip hop lol that’s my first love.

MMPB : What’s in the pipeline for O-Gun for the rest of the year  ?

O-Gun : Well, getting ready for carnaval and playing every weekend. After Carnaval, I will be performing in Cap Haitian at the festival ( NDLR : Festival de la Mer ) and I have 3 new videos coming out after carnaval that are already shot. Plus, I am working on my solo album

Discover O-Gun 5 favorite places in Haiti 

WAHOO BAY BEACH :  I love the beach, the music, the place, the people. It’s one of my favorite places to chill in Haiti for sure

MAGDOOS : I love Oriental food and hookah lol so that’s definitely a place where you’ll see me a lot, and the drinks are amazing.

LABADEE : One of the most beautiful places in Haiti in my opinion. I just love it over there. The people in Cap Haitian are so nice and friendly , also they make you feel welcome.

PORT-SALUT : My favorite city in Haiti. It’s so beautiful from Pointe Sable to Cascade Touyac. I just love it . The sea food, the landscape, it’s just an amazing place.

FURCY : The atmosphere the weather the trees the mountains it just amazes me. I love it and anytime I wanna get away, its the best place to go.

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