Tuesday 1-3-5 ( June 26th ) : Guy Francois Jr, Vice Consul in Miami

Guy Francois Jr on the left, at the presentation of Toussaint Louverture in Miami with Jimmy Jean Louis 

MMPB : Hi Guy Francois Jr, could you present yourself to the readers of The Pemba City Blog and explains what the daily life of a consulate looks like, on a day to day basis. What are you main tasks and  what are the activities of the Consulate ?  

Guy Francois Jr :  Thank you Bertrand and Manman Pemba for this interview, my name is Guy Francois Jr, Im Vice Consul and responsible of cultural affairs at the Consulate General of haiti in Miami. I have been in office since January 2012, it was always to represent and promote my country’s culture at the highest level. As you can see, now we have a presence in the social medias (Facebook, Twitter…), sharing with the haitian community and foreigners the consulate’s cultural and tourism activities. Now my main objective is to bring the haitian culture to main cultural activities in florida, strengthen our relationships with our cultural and tourism affiliates, also promote tourism and the real beauty of Haiti Cherie.

MMPB :  More and more, we start seeing articles in foreign newspapers or blogs talkin about Haiti as an actual travel destination ( USA Travel, National Geographic, Miami Herald ). According to you, what are the main strengths and weaknesses for tourism in Haiti ?

Guy Francois Jr : Our strength is simple :  we have a tropical weather, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, caves, mountains, and rich culture and history. Nowadays with the minister of tourism, the embassies, consulates,and different tourism corporations throughout social medias, newspapers, marketing the world is discovering the real beauty of haiti they never knew. 

Our weaknesses for Tourism in Haiti, basically hotels, transportation, packages need to be more accessible to the tourists, also use carnival, summer, december holidays, fetes champêtres to attract more tourists, which we are already working on.

MMPB :  Could you tell us what are your plans for this summer in Haiti ? What are the main events you would recommend to foreigners who want to visit Haiti ?

Guy Francois Jr : My plans for this summer in Haiti is to promote all the activities going on all over the country. I am working with Manman pemba ( lol ) , Lokal Haiti  ( an app for Iphone and Android ) , www.plezivakans.com, N.B Magazine, Haiti Tourism Inc to share the activities and places to visit when traveling to Haiti. And I recommend all the events being posted on those websites, pages and i recommend everyone to go visit at least one to two new provinces especially the ones celebrating for the summer and not to forget Carnaval des Fleurs July 29-31st.

Discover Guy Francois Jr 5 favorite places in Haiti :

1  – Cap Haitien : You can spend a full weekend there where i would recommend to go visit La Citadelle, Palais Sans Souci, boat trip to Labadee, Cadras, Ile a rat, and for dining to Lakay restaurant.

2 – Cote des Arcadins: Thats’ where the entertainment is during the weekend, big fan of Wahoo and Indigo cause they always have activities on weekends there and they have strong presence in the social medias now. Also I recommend the people to check out la visite des ilets from Kaliko(la Gonave, iles des arcadins), the museum at Moulin sur Mer, montrouis, and the city of St Marc which is nearby.

3 – Port Salut: Very clean, beautiful beaches, im a big fan of Pointe Sable (page publique) well maintained, service is good at the hotels there (Dans Creek, Naz Inn)

4 – Jacmel: One of the top caribbean towns in the caribbean, best place to go for a weekend getaway, im looking forward to go this summer to Kabik and Bassin Bleu.

5 – St Louis du nord/Mole St Nicolas/Port de Paix: in August for fete champetre de Saint Louis du nord, haitians living in florida and other places usually attend the festivities going on there and they have beautiful sand beaches.

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