Tuesday’s 1-3-5 ( Dec 13th ) : Jubee, from TiMoto Deliveries

Tuesday’s 1-3-5 is the occasion to discover great people living and working in Haiti, great business owners, great artists – who have a vision for the urban citizens that we are –  and are making it happen.

ManManPemba wanted to know more about TiMoto Deliveries, a new service for home delivery. Home delivery, and even office delivery, is really a urban service that we do not have in Haiti and MMPB is glad to know that young entrepreneurs are offering a service to fill this void. ManManPemba wishes all the best to this young venture and wishes TiMoto success.

Today, meet Jean Leroy Vilceus, aka Jubee, from TiMoto, who is going to answer 3 short questions from MMPB about TiMoto and who is sharing his 5 favorite places and brands in Haiti.


Here are the 3 questions from MMPB for Jubee

MMPB : How are the first weeks of operations for TiMoto happening ? How does the clientele react?

TiMoto : People love the new concept, it’s definitely filling a very apparent gap that exists in the service industry in Haiti.
As expected, it will take a bit of time for this kind of convenience service to become a reflex in our way of functioning in Haiti. But given the initial feedback I am getting, I am very confident that this business model is here to stay.

MMPB :  What are you  currently delivering ? In the future, are you planning to extend this list, and if yes, what will you deliver ?

TiMoto : We deliver:

  • Snacks ( Pop corn, wings, kibby, chicktay, etc)
  • Drinks (full liquor store)
  • We have a movie store
  • A mini-pharma (With all the over the counter drugs)
  • We also have a convenience store where you can get: diapers, condoms, cigarettes, phones cards and much more.

In about a month, on Sunday mornings we will be delivering typical Haitian breakfast such as: SoupeJoumou, hot AK100 and local hot chocolate.

My plan for Timoto is to have a network of operation points throughout the metropolitan area.

I am also working on partnerships with some restaurants and other merchants who want to outsource their delivery services.












MMPB: Is there a website where MMMP readers can view the products and service you are offering? Are you accepting mobile money?

TiMoto : I am working on www.timoto.ht. I will soon accepted T-Cash, TchoTcho Mobile and all major credit cards. Our numbers are: 29450808/0809. For now we operate from Thursday to Sunday, 6pm to midnight

Discover Jubee’s 5 favorite places and brands in Haiti

  1. I like going to Café St Pierre, It’s a very cozy spot in Petion-Ville,  where you can get some privacy when needed.
  2. When I want to hang out with friends, I usually go to GWOG, a bar/liquor store at Laboule 12. It’s a very laid back and welcoming atmosphere, besides the fact that it’s close to home.
  3. When I am home, which is very often, I very much enjoy a couple glasses of Barbancourt 5 etoiles
  4. When I want to get away from Port-au-Prince, I enjoy going to the southern cost. Camp Perrin, Cayes, Port-Salut.
  5. My favorite hotel in Haiti is Cormier Plage. You find it in the North on the road to Labadee. The service is the best I’ve experienced in the country.


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