Tuesday’s 1-3-5 ( November 15th ) : Karl Jean Jeune de PLEZIPAW

For the 2nd round of Tuesday’s 1-3-5 ( 1 personality, 3 questions and 5 reviews about 5 favorite places in Haiti ), ManManPemba welcomes Karl Jean Jeune ( KJJ ).

Personally,  I have been tweeting from Haiti since 2008 ( @mobinfohaiti and then @bertrandhaiti ) and @karljeanjeune was one of my very first follower – and at that time the Haitian Twittosphere was really a small small world ! Indeed, Karl is very active on Haitian social networks : you can follow him @karljeanjeune or the Haitian blogosphere knows his Tumblr.  Karl is a social media consultant who is currently working at the Office of the First Lady. He is also a talented web-designer. You can visit The Sunday Project website or PleziPaw website.

Last but not least, if you attended DayGlow or Forever Young at Mango Lounge,  you also took part in one of the project of  KJJ, who is also a member of the  PleziPaw  crew which is putting together events, parties,.. The feedback from DayGlow – the first paint party in Haiti –  is that it was off-the-hook and well-organized ( and thanks again to the PleziPaw team for offering many tix to ManManPemba‘s fans on Facebook )

Therefore, it was all natural for ManManPemba to have KJJ in this second round of Tuesday’s 1-3-5, an original section of the Pemba City Blog.

3 questions to Karl Jean Jeune

MP : Dayglow1 was a success. Dayglow2, when is it for ? What are the plans of PleziPaw for the end of the year ?

KJJ : Yes, the First Edition of DayGlow in Haiti was a success and I would like to thank all who attended the event. It wouldn’t have been that special without them. As far as the end of year is concerned, PleziPaw is bringing back DayGlow2 on December 28th. Its gonna be 10 times more paint and more fun!

MP : What are the online projects you are currently working on, whether it is webdesign  or social media related projects ?

KJJ: I am currently working on a project called Ayilo. It is a home for bloggers in Haiti. It is also aiming at developing bloggers thru out the country. It’s is still in the developing stage and will be launch before then end of the year.

MP : Among all your recent works, print, design or web, which is the one you prefer the most, and why ?

KJJ :  Its been a while since I have done any webdesign but the design that I am most proud of till this date is the latest BelO CD: Haiti Debout. It was a rushed project with BélO on my back lol untill 3 in the morning for 3 days straight but I am very proud of the end product.

(Below is the cover of Belo: Haiti Debout – KJJ for the design, F.Dupoux for the photography and my friend Rivkha Larco as make-up artist )


What are Karl 5 favorite local business, brands or place in Haiti ?

1. Prestige Beer. It is a national pride.
2. Dan’s Creek in Port Salut, not only for the quality of service provided but because of them many have had a chance to discover the beauty of the south of Haiti.
3. La Coquille, it is a reference in haitian food in the Metropolitain area. The service is as good as the food: excellent
4. Fior Ice Cream, nothing beats the Corosol flavor in my opinion. ( MP : Excellent choice, the Straciatella is not far behind )
5. But my favorite place to relax in this country remains Mole St Nicolas. It’s peaceful. I invite everyone to go and discover this little corner of paradise on the island.


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  1. Judith Jean Jeune , 8 years ago

    Yay keep it up couzz :p


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