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Ultimate Fitness

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Tel : +50929491000
Address : Complexe Belvedere, Angle rues Clerveaux et Chavannes, Petion Ville
State of the art fitness .
Check their Facebook Page  that is particularly well done !



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  1. […] Ultimate Fitness Gym , qui se trouve au Complexe Belvédère, car ces jours ci je prends plaisir a faire du sport, donc j’y vais chaque jour et j’aime ca, je ne m’ennuie pas… […]

5 Reviews

  1. patapalo , 5 years ago

    Reasons why you should not attend (or sign up) at Ultimate:

    1) As many of the other gyms in town, Ultimate is overpriced. At $70 a month, plus about $60 for registration, it simply isn’t worth it to become a member! Do the math: unless you attend more than twice a week, it’s just cheaper to pay $10 for the day. Particularly if you travel for work or holidays, because the membership cannot be paused/frozen. In short, your loyalty is actually penalized.

    2) Whether you pay for the day or per month, you are being overcharged, because you don’t get your money’s worth: classes tend to be overcrowded (particularly the room at the back), you don’t get towels, some of the treadmills don’t work, and…

    3) Their customer service is terrible. They can’t be bothered to show you the place on your first visit. You need to chase them for anything else. They refuse to help you with simple things, such as borrowing a cup from the juice bar to drink water. All they care about is collecting your money. And, as others pointed out, there seems to be different treatment for different people. Ultimate really needs to treat their customers properly and equally.

    There are plenty of other places. If you need to exercise, go somewhere else!

  2. Nou , 6 years ago

    Its so crowded between 5 and 7 pm. They need to add more spinning bikes! It’s a hassle everyday. Survival of the fittest type thing to get a bike.

  3. La La S , 6 years ago

    The gym has up to date equipment, a good trainer and is very clean. However the nice service at reception is only reserved for certain patrons at the gym. It disheartening to see this type of behavior. All patrons deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

  4. AMWA , 8 years ago

    I have been a member here for nearly a year and really enjoy it. It is a very nice space with helpful staff. I think the current charge is $70US/ month but sometimes there are specials if you play for more than one month at a time. It can be a bit crowded if you go between 5-7pm during the week but I never have to wait too long for a machine. There are also lots of classes including folklore, spinning, aerobics, etc. I really appreciate the staff who are always available to give you a workout or show you how to do use the equipment.

  5. Princesse Eud   , 8 years ago

    […] Ultimate Fitness Gym , qui se trouve au Complexe Belvédère, car ces jours ci je prends plaisir a faire du sport, donc j’y vais chaque jour et j’aime ca, je ne m’ennuie pas… […]


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