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Voyages Lumiere

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Tel : +50936071321

Tours Agency

3 Reviews

  1. FJ , 6 years ago

    I have used Voyages Lumiere twice already and both times to organize group travels to Jacmel (the 1st time) and to Jacmel and Ile a Vache the 2nd time.

    Jacqui is GREAT! I truly appreciated how responsive and patient she has been with me both times as group scheduling can take time and require lots of coordination.

    She organized the logistics for us, bus travels, guides and hotel booking the 1st time. The second time it was mostly bus travels and guides at Bassin Bleu. She has a great network of guides who are super mindful of the group’s comfort.- we had 2 people on the 2nd group who were nervous swimmers and the main guide organized that someone stayed with them so we could all fully enjoy Bassin Bleu!

    We felt safe at all times with the bus driver and I particularly appreciated how the driver did not cave in to pressure of getting us to Cayes at a unreasonable time frame! We felt save at all times and the bus was comfortable and had a good working AC : )

    Thank you to Voyage Lumiere!

  2. tgress , 6 years ago

    I contacted Voyages Lumieres a few months ago based on referrals from several people. They organized a trip for our family to visit Ile-a-Vache. Jacqui was very responsive in her dealings with me and provided as many prices and alternatives I asked for. Everything was taken care of from transportation, to hotel, and tours. She was very knowledgeable and was able to provide information as needed. I would highly recommend Voyages Lumieres to anyone looking to kick back and leave the planning to someone else.

  3. AMWA , 8 years ago

    I highly recommend this company! I have used voyages lumiere for both work and personal travel and tours. Jacqui does a great cultural/historical tour of Port-au-Prince that includes an architecture tour and guided trip to Champ de Mars and the Musée du Panthéon National Haitien. It is very affordable and a good introduction to Haitian history. I have used voyage lumiere for work as well to organize transport and retreat at the beach for 150 people – which is not easy but was executed perfectly. She has also arranged trips for me and friends to Cap Haitian – organizing everything included hotels, transport (air, land and even the horse ride to the Citadel), amazing guide and meals. Again, all very affordable. I highly recommend!


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