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Wahoo Bay Beach

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Tel: +50928122501 / +50937352536 / +50937352831
Adrress: Cote des Arcadins, KM 62, Caries

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11 Reviews

  1. Yana Perpetue Vilton , 1 year ago

    Wahoo is beautiful. We went there several times, really liked our room, big, clean and their nice balcony.
    But the food is very BAD: i think they have the worst food of the coast. Really want to bring my own food next time OMG

    But when you go to wahoo you feel like at home and dont really want to leave…

  2. Mishka Jeanty , 6 years ago

    Great place friendly staff specially at the bar BAD FOOD! Need to invest some serious time interviewing new chefs or train those working

  3. Tara , 6 years ago

    Love it… Wahoo is particularly relaxing to me. The trampoline is a really nice addition. Gratinee de fruits de mer is a must try! Great staff and customer service too. In Haiti, this is rare so thumbs up!

  4. Shreview , 6 years ago

    Gorgeous beach, clear blue and clean water. Love those floating platforms in the water; perfect to relax inside the water (they should add more). Good entertainement with the djs and the jet skis, lovely pool area, beautiful and modern rooms (no tv though, what’s up with that?), friendly staff … But the food is another story: i think they have the worst food of the coast; and the drinks and cocktails are way too strong. Overall, it’s a very nice resort but maybe they should change the chef!

  5. tkb , 6 years ago

    not sure what these folks plan to do about he fact that :THEIR BEACH IS GONE. music is always very loud on the weekend. younger/hip crowd. beware of the wahoo drink, you may not make it home. hardly a first choice for me.

  6. O-GuN , 6 years ago

    I love the beach, the music, the place, the people. It’s one of my favorite places to chill in Haiti for sure

  7. Kaye Durand , 6 years ago

    I absolutely loved this place. Our last visit to Haiti was for a short surprise weekend getaway and what a surprise it was when my husband drove up to this place. Food awesome, staff excellent and very friendly! Keep up the awesome job–next time I hope we can spend the entire week there!

  8. sedick toffa , 6 years ago

    Wahoo Bay during the Earthquake response was my heaven, I used to disappear on a Friday nite and spend 2 nites just sitting on the beach and enjoying the quite and peace, food was great and service. Sunday was an amazing day as families and friends come out for the day..Great Memories. I have great pictures too.

  9. Sam , 7 years ago

    Wahoo Bay is a place I can call home on the beach. It is the only place in Cotes des Arcadins that you can feel home in Haiti. There is a beautiful pool, nice rooms, and friendly people to serve you. On the weekends there’s a DJ playing. I feel really safe with the security.There are also two bars; I love the one by the pool, and the Wahoo is their specialty drink that is really good.
    Mwen renmen Wahoo Bay nan Ayiti anpil paske li se bon bagay…

  10. Taryn S. , 7 years ago

    Wahoo Bay is one of the better resorts in the Cotes des Arcadins region. The food is very good and the service is great. The servers are very friendly and accommodating. The rooms are decently priced and there is A/C. The only thing missing is a TV, but then again you wouldn’t enjoy as much time outside if you are holed up in the room, so it can be seen as a good thing. The pool is nice and the view looking out from the pool is exceptional. The most relaxing place to be is laying on the comfortable lounge chairs by the pool watching the sunset with a Wahoo Bay signature cocktail (not sure all the ingredients, but it is delicious). The water is not rocky, like other resorts in the area. It is nice and sandy and there are floating docks to lay on in the middle. Definitely a great place to escape for a weekend, and a must visit for those coming on short trips. Even a day visit is worth it.

  11. Yvanka Jolicoeur Brutus , 8 years ago

    For being a “regular” local at Wahoo bay beach I will take the time to post my Review to Wahoo bay Beach … To my opinion, Wahoo serve the best food on the Cotes des Arcadins… The service is very good and the waiters are very friendly.
    A special mention to the Owner/ manager of the hotel… Up to date, available and verry receptive… The are the best… Lots of investment on the room renovations… Confort, cleansiness and charm to the rooms. AC functions verry well, sometime too well… Rooms get freezing at times!
    The beach it self is well maintained and up graded. Lanscapping is beautifull and charming…
    When you go to wahoo you feel like at home and dont really want to leave…
    Had my dream wedding there and will always keep a great memory of the site for it was perfect and magical… Only at Wahoo!!!
    What is needed…. More rooms, and I know they are coming! ( only 26 now) You want to chill on the Cotes des arcadins… Wahoo is THE place to be!

    • Vikky , 6 years ago

      Wahoo bay hotel is beautiful. The beach itself was breathtaking! We really liked our room. It was big, clean and the big balcony was a very nice surprise.
      However, I was a bit annoyed after noticing only the regular rich and the rich were being greeted, I feel their staff lack customer service training and the manager/owner need to at least make rounds to make sure the guest’ needs are being met.


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